[resource-net] Vorspiel weekend at Panke | 25-27 January 2013

Erika . erika at ore.lt
Thu Jan 24 20:13:49 CET 2013

 We wish You all to have a great weekend,Would be a pleasure to see you at

FRI 25 | Vorspiel weekend: Fingerdrumming Workshop with Comfort Fit |
19:00 Comfort
Fit will be conducting Fingerdrumming Workshop

*Registration via erika(at)pankeculture.com*

* *
FRI 27 | Vorspiel weekend: Support Your Local Ghetto| 22:00

Hosted by BarbNerdy, a music nerdy, always on the hunt for good music since
more than 20 years.

*Live performance:
JGB (jacques gaspard biberkopf) Lithuania*

*Video installation by **Ilan Katin** **http://www.ilankatin.com/***

*DJ **BarbNerdy**;** Scientist** (Equinox Records); ***

*2Phast **semi live performance***

*SAT 28 | Vorspiel weekend: SCOPE AV EXPOSURE | 22:00
*Scope is a meeting point for the creative and the curious, a platform for
sharing and learning in an informal setting. Each session offers a variety
of topics and approaches; Scope is about exposure, not for the artist, but
for the audience.
**IM2** (Monika Czajkowska & Tomasz Pągowski)**;** **pani K** –
invisible/inaudible**; **alexander holm** – ritual tricks w/ kiritan flux***

*DJ’s:** **mr.i** ( IM2 )**; **DJ Spock** ( Beat Kollektiv )**; **Iman
Deeper** ( VisualBerlin )***

*open vj stage: **VisualBerlin & friends***

*video installations**:** **ilan katin does tagtool**; **eklis rellüm** –
untitled in glitches**; **kiritan flux** – shechina ex machina**; **lucy
benson (MFO)** – cuando la justicia***

* *

* *

*SUN 29 | Vorspiel weekend: CitiZen Kino | 14:00*

20th Century Fix - social media for social bodies is retro-hackable

*14:00h a Sunday brunch matinee ( all ages )
20:00h  an evening 'Adult X' version*

Erika Siekstelyte
Panke e.V.
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