[resource-net] Tribe Network Launch Event on 31.01.2013 at Apartment Project Berlin

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Wed Jan 30 23:59:46 CET 2013

Dear Friends,

We would love to see you tomorrow at Apartment Project Berlin for the Tribe Network Launch Event by MoTA.

Below, you may find the details.

All my best,
Göksu Kunak

MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art
@APARTMENT project Berlin!

Dear Friends & Family!

Remember MoTA Point 2 years ago parallel to Transmediale & ctm?

This year MoTA with partners BIS, Artos & Ciant from the TRIBE Network invites you to a public evening to announce the upcoming TRIBE research and residency platform in the East for researchers, curators and artists and also to invite you to be part of the upcoming TransitoryArt.org website.

20:00 Dinner prepared by 
TRIBE members, Apartment Crew & Valentina Karga
21:00 Presentation of TRIBE & TransitoryArt.org
22:00 Music Programme: Colliding Fields cpu-set (Leerraum,CH)
Game Boy Techno Set (Lukatoyboy,RS)

About TRIBE:

T.R.I.B.E - Transitory Research / Residency Initiative of Balkans and East Europe

T.R.I.B.E. is a platform established to connect media-labs and
artist-in-residency spaces in East Europe and the Balkans. All
organizations involved are making the first steps to build AIR
programs for production and research for experimental, digital and research art. 
The network encourages exchange between these places as
well as production and touring of international transitory artworks.

All believe in building the infrastructure for artistic research,
production and representation with the purpose to revitalize the either closed or just unfamiliar artistic scenes of the so called East.
With the planned strategy of targeted actions TRIBE aims to fulfill the following mission:
1) to connect organisations in East Europe and the Balkans,
2) to establish new AIR programs in the region and to improve existing ones,
3) to conduct research on transitory art and produce new transitory artworks.

T.R.I.B.E. was built in partnership with CIANT (Prague), ARTos
Foundation (Nicosia), BIS - Body Arts Association (Istanbul), Treći Beograd (Beograd).
T.R.I.B.E. is supported by EACEA Culture (2007-2013).


About The Apartment Project:
Initiated in 1999 by Selda Asal, is one of the first artist run spaces based in Istanbul.The Apartment Project is a non-profit platform for solo and group exhibitions, workshops, interdisciplinary collaborations, performances, panel discussions for international artists, especially from the contemporary art scenes of neighboring
countries of Turkey.

On September 1, 2012, Apartment Project has relocated to Neukölln, Berlin with aims to work with the same executive models as in Istanbul and more.
'The more' comes with suggestions of several communal living and collective production models that focus more on the creative production process; aimed to generate collective and mutual communications, collaborations and various creation/production possibilities.

Team: Selda Asal, Özgür Erkök, Berk Asal Göksu Kunak,Onur Gökmen

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