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Synaesthesia  / 2:Space and Perception
Madi Boyd
Carrie  C Firman
Opening:  25.1.2013, 8 PM
Exhibition runs: 26.01. - 10.03.2013 
Open: Fri-Sun, 2-6 PM and by appointment. Open on 30 and 31 
                    January during the Transmediale 13.

Inquiries  into the nature of Space and Perception are the basis of Art  Laboratory Berlin's second exhibition in the Synaesthesia  series. Synaesthesia, the experience of two or more sensory  impressionsat the same time, is both an artistic paradigm  and neurological phenomenon. Two installations by Madi  Boyd and Carrie C Firman explore the connection  between perception and experience of mind and body from a  synaesthetic point of view.

Madi Boyd, The Point of Perception, installation, 2009/13

Madi  Boyd is a synaesthete from Great Britain, whose artistic  work focuses on perception and the brain. In collaboration  with neuro-scientists, Dr. Mark Lythgoe and Dr. Beau Lotto,  from University College London her work incorporates and combines  installation, film and sculpture. Her recent project The  Point of Perception explores how much information the  human brain needs in order to know what it is looking at.  It is an art experience and scientific arena about vision.  The installation uses moving image and built environments  to confuse depth perception and is designed to act specifically  on the human eye and brain to create a space of uncertainty.  A newly developed version of the project will be presented  at Art Laboratory Berlin with the addition of sound and colour.  The idea is to assign musical notes and colours to specific  points in the gridded space, in order to explore perception  of geometric space and sound.

Madi Boyd about her artistic work:"My work combines constructed 
                    environments and projected films to create immersive installations 
                    investigating the interaction between moving image, space, 
                    and the brain. I see the screen as sculpture and light as 
                    paint on the canvas of dark space."

 Carrie  Firman, Synexperience, installation 2010-11
Carrie  C Firman is an emerging electronic artist from the US.  She is a synaesthete and her work is inspired by studying  and experiencing the crossing of senses. She sees synaesthesia  not only as a sensory phenomenon, but also a fantastic world  interface, responsible for completely unique perceptual experiences.  Her current work encourages its participants to reconsider  their perception as an entirely unique phenomenon, helping  them to come to the realization that even most basic level  of perception differs widely between otherwise similar individuals.  Firman's installation Synexperience as well as her  interactive digital work My Synesthetic Library invite  viewers to share in her own unique perceptual experience of  the world.

Carrie C Firman commented her artistic practice as follows: 
                    "The installation on display demonstrates the interactivity 
                    of my viewers I often require stepping into it, sounds and 
                    images will play, extracted from my own internal Synaesthetic 

Regine  Rapp & Christian de Lutz (curators)
Synaesthesia/  2: Space and Perception is part of the reSource 003: P2P Vorspiel  of the transmediale 2013 (www.transmediale.de) and CTM.13  (www.www.ctm-festival.de).
Christian de Lutz 
Prinzenallee 34
13359 Berlin

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