[resource-net] Fantasia Malware launches Saint Fiona Bianco Xena

Chloê Langford c.langford at mailbox.org
Thu Apr 22 15:26:25 CEST 2021

Hi ReSourcers, 

Getting in touch to let you know about a new digital artwork that Fantasia Malware (myself and Jira Trello and Gabriel Helfenstein) are releasing today....I hope you enjoy it :-)

tldr; here's the link, open in Firefox or Chrome on a desktop computer: https://saint-fiona-bianco-xena.fantasia-malware.net

the long version....


🌄 You wake up.

🐌 You are covered in the slimy green light of a world that you almost recognize.

🏃 You wander, happily lost.

In the rubble of the Syxtercian cathedral you find 3 shell vials containing experimental hormones harvested from slugs. They used to belong to Saint Fiona Bianco Xena - Mother of the Motherless, patron saint of the voiceless.

You hear distant whispers, entangled with the melted beats of early Molluscwave. They tell the story of many wounds and many adventures : flesh consumed by a rare blue speckled gutter slug, bioplastic mixed with piss under the light of a half moon, crystal eyes winking provocatively at the face of God, children saved and revolutions lost.

You want to know more.

🩸 You visit : https://saint-fiona-bianco-xena.fantasia-malware.net/ (Use Firefox or Chrome / No mobile or tablet support)

You have now discovered the controversial story of Saint Fiona Bianco Xena. Yet, you still haven’t had enough.

💉 You are addicted.

⛏️ You want to dig deeper into the Fantasia Malverse.

🩸 Satisfy your thirst : join us on Twitch Saturday 24th at 8 pm for a new performance of Orchid Collector for Panke Gallery : https://www.panke.gallery/event/orchid-collector/


~ Fantasia Malware ~


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