[resource-net] Could we take a group stand for #blacklivesmatter ?

Kristoffer Gansing kg at transmediale.de
Wed Jun 3 19:24:30 CEST 2020

Hi Rachel and everyone,

(yes, still using my old transmediale e-mail for a while but not much

There was a code of conduct for the 2020 edition of transmediale as the
result of an awareness workshop last fall.
Its the first search hit on transmediale + code of conduct ;-)


On 03.06.20 16:27, Rachel Uwa wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> After thinking about it I suppose it doesn't make sense because we should
> really speak out about all world tragedies
> rather than just cherry picking the ones we might have relations to. Or
> otherwise just discussing more about what could be done locally.
> Well as I said I didn't know but just wanted to put the idea out there to
> hear what others think.
> For me, this also brings up the topic of having a code-of-conduct or some
> way of stating what we as a collective stand for and
> the kinds of behaviour we do and don't support.
> We (School of MA) use the Berlin Code of Conduct
> <https://berlincodeofconduct.org/>.
> It doesn't appear there is one for Resource Network
> <https://transmediale.de/content/resource-transmedial-culture-berlin> or
> for transmediale <https://transmediale.de/> either.
> Can anyone confirm?
> Would anyone else be interested in considering to write one or to adopt one?
> It feels like now is a good time to make clear what we do and don't stand
> for moving forward.
> But curious what the rest of you think.
> I know there are like 100 people at least on this Resource mailing list.
> Happy to hear from voices who don't normally speak up! But of course, just
> as happy to hear from anyone at any time! :)
> Warmly,
> Rachel
> On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 12:45 PM Christian de Lutz <
> cdelutz at artlaboratory-berlin.org> wrote:
>> Hi Rachel,
>> I think it would be interesting to bring these topics of on this or
>> similar forums...maybe with a slant towards the forum theme (eg here:
>> technology and racism in the current crisis?; with the project space
>> network: representation of people of color in the arts in Berlin?) Maybe
>> worthwhile connecting with some of the groups organizing protest in Berlin
>> such
>> http://isdonline.de/?fbclid=IwAR30-_nraiV2Pa1KbfYsqWUusTe0ge-OCBCfglSJMMswCJAjQ7QjPne8aY
>> <http://isdonline.de/?fbclid=IwAR30-_nraiV2Pa1KbfYsqWUusTe0ge-OCBCfglSJMMswCJAjQ7QjPne8aY0>
>> 0
>> Please keep me informed on this.
>> Best,
>> Chris
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>> On 03.06.2020 12:23, Rachel Uwa wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> Different topic so I'm starting a different thread.
>> As most of you probably know, race wars are happening in the US currently
>> in a very violent way.
>> I used to think Europe was much more progressive on race until a couple of
>> years ago when I finally realised it's not that it's progressive but that
>> these very difficult discussions have barely even begun here.
>> I was just wondering if it would be appropriate or possible for Resource
>> (or as a community of Berlin project spaces and independent organisations
>> in general) that we make our collective voices heard on this topic or put
>> out a group statement perhaps?
>> Of course, I realise it's easy to involve ourselves in the US discussion
>> but we know this happens here as well. What can we do if anything
>> collectively on this topic?
>> Happy to hear any thoughtful comments. I have no answers but just wonder if
>> together our voices can be louder.
>> Warmly,
>> Rachel
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