[resource-net] 6th Meeting&Roundtable//Berlin's Collective

podinski pod at xlterrestrials.org
Mon Feb 18 15:59:38 CET 2013

Hi all,

Goksu had suggested awhile back to meet at 18:30h. Is that still the time
we are planning ??


looking fwd to reconnecting...

and hearing feedback re: p2p vorspiel

and discussing future paths...

any other agenda items?!

3. website / next working group meeting(s)

and here's the doodle address again, if ya want to see whose already
attending, and add yurself there...


see ya all 2morw!


> Dear Friends,
> As you already know the 6th meeting will take place at Apartment Project
Berlin this Tuesday. Looking forward to meet you all and discuss about
> main topics of this meeting.
> We would be so glad if you could confirm your attendance.
> Kind regards,
> Apartment Project Berlin Team
> Apartment Project Berlin is pleased to announce the 6th Meeting &
Roundtable of Berlin’s [resource-net] Collective.
> In order to discuss, generate new ideas and talk about possible
> between project spaces, initiatives and curators focusing on media art
> Berlin, roundtable meetings have been held with the support of
> transmediale
> and reSource. Previous meetings were hosted by Panke, Art Laboratory
Berlin, Liebig 12, SUPERMARKT and LEAP.
> The possibility of a platform and probable workshops, events and future
projects dealing with media art and their relation with the city of
> as well as fundraising and PR strategies will be the main headlines of
> 6th Meeting on February 19th Tuesday at Apartment Project Berlin.
Apartment Project Berlin
> http://berlin.apartmentproject.org/abou/
> Hertzbergstrasse 13
> 12055
> Neukölln Berlin
> --
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> resource-net at transmediale.de
> http://mailman.transmediale.de/mailman/listinfo/resource-net-transmediale.de

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