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Wed May 18 07:17:53 CEST 2022

dearest Liebig12 followers,
here another & another & another friendly reminder / invitation for Ü to
all tomorrow´s MayDays activities at Liebig12_Berlin!
All event are free entrance (donations are welcome & necessary :)


During their residency project at Liebig12 artists *Tetiana Kornieieva
<https://secondaryarchive.org/artists/tetiana-kornieieva/>& Vincenzo
Marrese <http://www.vfmarrese.com>*
will introduce their work and present two different collaborative projects.

*20 / 21 / 22.05* (time tba)

*preserve memories – provide energy *is an international art festival
happening in Berlin created by three artists:
*Tetiana Kornieieva, Vincenzo Fiore Marrese* and *Sophia Moff
<https://sophiamoffa.com>a*. This is going to be the second edition.

“*Different layers shape the Now, such as rituals, nature and industry, and
during this layering, people face information overload, migrations, and
wars. Nowadays, with the new development of the russo-Ukrainian War, we’re
keeping strong our artistic connection with Ukraine’s art scene that joined
us since the first edition of the Festival. We explore different layers
such as rituals, nature and industry. These layers unveil the connection
between the traditions and technologies, the untold languages of creatures
that speak about us, and the challenge of global issues, with their
presence or absence. Inside this frame of reference, artists will explore
the stratigraphy of the Now.*”
details & reservation under http://memories-energy.vfmarrese.com
<http://memories-energy.vfmarrese.com/>& ticket reservation

*26. + 27.05* (22:00 – 22:30)
*28.05* (18:00 – 18:30)

in collaboration with *Performing Arts Festival Berlin* Kornieieva-Marrese
duo will perform *Achilles and Tortoise*.

*“When people from different time zones speak with each other via the
internet, time and space seem to disappear. Distances are overcome and a
kind of physical presence is created. But where and when does this
connection take place?Over the course of a fragmentary narrative, the
artists move between projections, mobile end devices and screens,
communicate live and via Instagram and play with the perception of time.”*
details & reservation under https://www.performingarts-festival.de
<https://performingarts-festival.de/de/service/spielorte/liebig12> / ticket


*May until October 2022*

to finish & begin again with, Liebig12 is also very excited to be part of this
fantastic event series
"*Forests of antennas, oceans of waves*"
<http://antennenozeane.de/en/temp-landingpage-english-2/>, a project
curated by *Shintaro Miyazaki* (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), *Birgit
Schneider* (University of Potsdam) & *Daniela Silvestrin, *which inquires
effects of new media and communication technologies on urban space(s), our
bodies and society.

>From May till October we will be out on the streets of Berlin with 7
artistic interventions in urban space by artists and researchers
including *Bureau
d'études, Kate Donovan, Solarpunks, Sarah Grant & Danja Vasiliev, Nicholas
Nova, Selena Savic and Teresa Dillon*, a conference and sound performance
in cooperation with the *Museum für Kommunikation* Berlin and a final
exhibition and sound performance in the project space *Liebig12*with the
artists *Susanna Hertrich *and *Marta Zapparoli.*

The thematic starting point of the project is the artistic and theoretical
examination of phenomena of electromagnetic waves, motivated by discussions
around the new mobile phone generation "5G", which is in the testing or
expansion phase in Berlin and other German and international cities and is
thus also discussed in the context of "smart city" technologies and
Imperceptible changes brought about by the various generations of mobile
communications and subsequent "smart city" technologies will be tangible
and discussable in artistic terms: Physical, social, legal, (urban)
political, biological and ecological aspects of the "Hertzian" space will
be illuminated in workshops, interactive walks, lecture-performances,
sound-performances, installative presentations as well as discussion
The series is funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and realised in
cooperation with the HU Berlin and the University of Potsdam.

The second event will take place on *May 27th_*For more informations, to
sign up to events & newsletter follow the link at www.antennenozeane.de

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Liebigstrasse 12
10247 Berlin

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