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Dear Liebig12 followers&friends here you go with further updates and
invitations to:::::

*Zero Cohesion <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6FI7-GMea4>*::A Series of
Occurrences instigated by *Jeff Surak*::artist in residence

Based in Washington DC, *Jeff Surak* has been a fixture within the
experimental community for many years, curating the Sonic Circuits festival
(RIP), programming for RhizomeDC, and running his own zeromoon label. His
own work manifests non-linear narratives through lo-fi techniques and
archaic technologies.
*Zero Cohesion* was inspired by reactions to outdoor pandemic performances
taken place at RhizomeDC. On a local website neighbors complained about the
concerts, with one person posting a video reaction during an outdoor
performance of free improvised music stating:
*“Ya’ll not serious.This shit really makes my blood fucking boil.There is
zero cohesion. ZERO!”*  >> https://zeromoon.com

*18 Juni _4PM* SHARP
*Marcin Barski & Konrad Gęca *present
*”Architecture is better than its reputation!”*
you grow up, you learn, you dream. inventions start in desires. desires of
better life in more and more satisfying world. dreams of improving the
world. you can do it. make it friendlier, make it more beautiful, make it
precious. for you and for those you love. make it your castle and your
shelter. make it a reward for your hard work. don't hesitate, be happy. you
deserve it. make beauty your home. make your home beautiful. choose the
lifestyle you've learned to dream of. buy it. rent it. pay for it. don't
ask for meanings. be practical. don't waste your desires.
observe. describe. advertise.
take a walk. move towards liebig12. observe the architecture. make a phone
call and tell us what you see. tell us how beautiful it is what you are
seeing. how practical. how posh. how impressive. advertise it. focus on the
positives. ignore your distaste. enter a building and describe it's guts.
walk out the rectum to the backyard. be correct. be incorrect. tell as the
magnificence of it all. break in. watch the inhabitants. talk with them.
talk with someone. don't do harm. don't harm the beauty. raise your voice.
don't raise your voice. no matter. we want some stories, sounds are fine,
call us at
0049 1577 5507143 or
0048 668 413 068 (whatsapp also possible)
come to liebig12 and listen with us to other people's stories. listen to
other sounds we'll have for you. this is not a concert, this is live
broadcast from berlin. have a tea and talk to us. enjoy. architecture is
better than its reputation.
to się nie uda / es wird nicht gelingen
partly a sound art cabaret, partly a sound art reconstruction group,
depending on what's needed. a duo of marcin barski and konrad gęca. no
website, no records, just meeting people and making tea. very humane. very

*19 Juni _7PM* SHARP

*slow slow lorisGirls on Tape*

*21 Juni _7PM *SHARP
*Paolo Gaiba Riva, EMERGE*

*24-25 Juni*

*26 Juni_ 7PM* SHARP

*3DiktSimon Whetham*

*29 Juni _7PM* SHARP


*30 Juni _7PM *SHARP

*Kris LimbachRieko Okuda*

*1-3 Juli*
*Biliana Voutchova + Jeff Surak_*guerilla actions various times and
locations TBA
*2.07 _8PM *@Studio Rainer Spehl, Brunnenstr. 125, 2.Backyard


*May until October 2022*
Liebig12 is also very excited to be part of this fantastic event
series "*Forests
of antennas, oceans of waves*"
<http://antennenozeane.de/en/temp-landingpage-english-2/>, a project
curated by *Shintaro Miyazaki* (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), *Birgit
Schneider* (University of Potsdam) & *Daniela Silvestrin, *which inquires
effects of new media and communication technologies on urban space(s), our
bodies and society.

>From May till October we will be out on the streets of Berlin with 7
artistic interventions in urban space by artists and researchers
including *Bureau
d'études, Kate Donovan, Solarpunks, Sarah Grant & Danja Vasiliev, Nicholas
Nova, Selena Savic and Teresa Dillon*, a conference and sound performance
in cooperation with the *Museum für Kommunikation* Berlin and a final
exhibition and sound performance in the project space *Liebig12*with the
artists *Susanna Hertrich *and *Marta Zapparoli.*

The thematic starting point of the project is the artistic and theoretical
examination of phenomena of electromagnetic waves, motivated by discussions
around the new mobile phone generation "5G", which is in the testing or
expansion phase in Berlin and other German and international cities and is
thus also discussed in the context of "smart city" technologies and
Imperceptible changes brought about by the various generations of mobile
communications and subsequent "smart city" technologies will be tangible
and discussable in artistic terms: Physical, social, legal, (urban)
political, biological and ecological aspects of the "Hertzian" space will
be illuminated in workshops, interactive walks, lecture-performances,
sound-performances, installative presentations as well as discussion

The series is funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and realised in
cooperation with the HU Berlin and the University of Potsdam. >>> details
about each events at www.antennenozeane.de

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//////////////////////////////////////// --

Liebigstrasse 12
10247 Berlin

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