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Friendly & last Re-Minder :)))

„The Theory Of Everything“ _visual works, graphic scores, vinyl objects &
sound installations by & with Ignaz Schick :)

On view until 30/09.2021 _14:00-20:00_closed on Mondays and Tuesdays_
Please mind Covid19 regulations

+ 01.10.2021 Finissage & Performance 18uhr
Chapter I): 48 To The Floor > 01.09. – 05.09.2021
Chapter II); Ghosts/Vibrations > 08.09. – 12.09.2021
Chapter III): Beyond Zero > 15.09. – 19.09.2021
Chapter IV): Oh Mali, I miss you!! > 22.09. – 30.9.2021

With this exhibition Ignaz Schick
<https://zangimusic.wordpress.com/ignaz-schick/> for the first time
presents a larger selection of his visual work including graphic scores,
vinyl objects and sound installations in Berlin following a larger
retrospective which took place at Schauraum K3 in Bavaria in 2019. Like in
his sound performances his work often involves found (footage) materials:
objects, photographs, old records, household items, left behind speakers,
books, magazines or postcards which he takes out of context and which he
transforms into graphic scores, collages or sonic installations. He will
change the main installation once a week and present four different larger
scale works divided into four chapters while at the same time parts of the
show will remain present for the entire period of the exhibition.

October 1st 2021 _ 6pm
finnisage event with an audiovisual turntable performance making use of the
different vinyl multiples of the exhibition by Ignaz Schick & Blandine

Limited space, please reserve at liebigzwoelfe at gmail.com _if there wont be
enough space left we may repeat the show and / or you can join from the
street through the windows :)

„The Theory Of Everything“ is in dedication to the memory of Peter
Hollinger [1954-2021]
www.zangimusic.wordpress.com // www.zarekberlin.bandcamp.com

The Theory of Everything is kindly supported by Initiative Neue Musik
Berlin e.V. (INM) is a co-operation of Zangi Music Berlin with Liebig12 and
is part of the program presented by “Studio Bosporus/Kulturakademie Tarabya
Istanbul” kulturakademie-tarabya.de/studiobosporus


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