[resource-net] Latitude on Air broadcasts: A Portal for Time Travelling

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Thu Apr 29 12:51:28 CEST 2021

Latitude on Air broadcasts: A Portal for Time Travelling

Friday 30 April 11:00-13:00
88,4 mhz Berlin & 90,7 mhz Potsdam


This episode A Portal for Time Travelling is a sonic journey through
the construction site of the Mediateca Onshore building in the village
of Malafo in Guinea Bissau. There are sounds of the work, the tools,
the materials being placed, the back and forth shouting of collective
work and testimonies about how this place was first dreamed of and how
it now materialises on shore - na tchon (in Creole) or abotcha (in

The sounds weave through this moment of things coming into place in a
space that is both in and outside of time. The building materials
themselves articulate a relationship with the past that is connected
to the future in the moment when traditional architectural forms are
recognised and valued for their ability to transmit a knowledge that
declares “we are here, we have always been here, we will remain”
without making a territorial claim on the land. It is a claim for an
existence that echoes on with each adobe brick dried in the sun,
carefully placed to become part of the structure of the Mediateca
Onshore community centre.

The Mediateca Onshore centre is a meeting platform for arts and
culture in a socially and ecologically sensitive area in
Guinea-Bissau, which hosts workshops, meetings, productions and events
and acts as a network hub for transferring local, South-South and
mundializing knowledge through performing arts, moving image and
digital media. Its purpose is to share practices in the fields of art,
agroecology, traditional knowledge as contribution to social,
economical and environmental justice. The Mediateca Onshore community
is creating a permanent and sustainable, community-based media space
to respond creatively to the existing and imminent conflicts between
development and tradition, and actively expand creative tools that
foster participation in these processes of transformation, and also
become a prism to view the world. The project is an initiative of Geba
Filmes, elsehere e.V. in dialogue with local associations No Ria
Bolanha and Satna Fai.

This month's programme was produced by the Mediateca Onshore centre in
collaboration with Armando Mussa Sani and introduced by Filipa César
and Latitude on Air host Yasmina Lemkuhl.


Latitude on Air was conceived in June 2020 as an accompanying radio
programme for the online festival LATITUDE on 88,4 mhz Berlin & 90,7
mhz Potsdam via reboot.fm. Over four days, experts, artists and
activists explored the festival's themes, embedded in the larger
framework of global dialogue on colonial power relations, their
consequences and how to overcome them. As a follow-up to this
successful cooperation, the idea was born to develop a monthly radio
programme together with the Goethe-Institut and the Radionetzwerk
Berlin (along with reboot.fm, cashmere radio, SAVVYZAAR and
WEAREBORNFREE! Empowerment Radio).


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