[resource-net] Opening up your events/venues during/after COVID-19?

Christian de Lutz cdelutz at artlaboratory-berlin.org
Wed Jun 3 09:51:40 CEST 2020

 Hi Rachel,

I have to agree with Oliver and Ela. There will be no 'normal' until
there is a vaccine, and there will be a second wave at some point later
this year - the question is only when and how big. That will depend on
all of us. In the 1918 flu epidemic, which is much cited, the second
wave was the big killer, and third and fourth waves were as big as the
first...but each situation is different.

The deciding point for you may be _why_. Acquaintances in gastronomy
tell me they don't expect much, if any, profit in the next months, but
are open to reduce their losses. Since you don't pay rent all year long,
it may be financially better for you to cancel for the year. If you want
to continue for other reasons, here are some ideas to think about:

 	* Outside instead of inside. This is much safer. But as you will be in
a group, and unlikely to maintain distance at all times, masks (and hand
sanitizer again and again) will be a must.
 	* This will be tricky with tech, but maybe if you were to do a program
about urban space or ecology or DIY Bio (I can make suggestions here, if
you are interested).
 	* If inside then a huge space and small classes (how do people work
together and maintain distance, though?). The only spaces I can think of
here are clubs - which could use the money. 8-10 people in 1000+qm for
 	* All combined with online group work.

 	* Try to keep it to local people. There will be inter-EU travel, but I
don't see people coming from outside the EU without having to go through
a 14-day quarantine. Even the UK will be outside the bubble (which is
good considering the situation there). But even this inter-EU travel
will bring risks and spread the virus. It will be a good summer to build
the local community.

As for ALB: we will be opening an exhibition in the Futurium lab in the
Summer. They have their own rules... from what I've heard max. 15 people
(including staff) in the lower floor, and Maskenpflicht. In late August
we plan to open an exhibition that would have opened 10 days ago. It
will be in our space and a neighboring space. We envision a situation
where max. 2 people can visit each space at the same time, with masks
and with us providing hand sanitizer. We may not be able to run the show
as long as planned and will adjust accordingly. 

Wishing you all the best. Feel free to write me directly if you have




Christian de Lutz
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On 02.06.2020 13:04, Rachel Uwa wrote: 

> Hi Resourcers,
> I hope you're all healthy and well.
> I'm writing as I'm curious about the state of things with your events and
> venues. I heard Disruption Network Lab over the weekend mention at their
> conference that they are holding a film screening at the end of July at
> ACUD and wondered where the rest of the community is at.
> I'm curious how you're all making your decisions.
> I'm having to decide on whether to run, postpone or cancel classes that
> were supposed to take place here in Berlin this summer. Just when I think
> I've made a decision things start to feel "normal" and I wonder how the
> rest of you are making or not making your decisions. Impromptu event
> support group?
> I'm also wondering if people are running events will you have hand
> sanitizer and masks on hand or how else are you planning to handle the
> cleanliness and health side of things?
> Happy to hear your thoughts, thanks in advance!
> Warmly,
> Rachel
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