[resource-net] Opening up your events/venues during/after COVID-19?

Rachel Uwa rachel.uwa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 13:04:27 CEST 2020

Hi Resourcers,

I hope you're all healthy and well.
I'm writing as I'm curious about the state of things with your events and
venues. I heard Disruption Network Lab over the weekend mention at their
conference that they are holding a film screening at the end of July at
ACUD and wondered where the rest of the community is at.

I'm curious how you're all making your decisions.

I'm having to decide on whether to run, postpone or cancel classes that
were supposed to take place here in Berlin this summer. Just when I think
I've made a decision things start to feel "normal" and I wonder how the
rest of you are making or not making your decisions. Impromptu event
support group?

I'm also wondering if people are running events will you have hand
sanitizer and masks on hand or how else are you planning to handle the
cleanliness and health side of things?

Happy to hear your thoughts, thanks in advance!


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