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Thu May 2 13:16:07 CEST 2019

Dear followers, more activities have been added to the May calendar for all
of you to join starting from tomorrow!

*Anxiety- Minimalism | Exhibition*
Curated by *Darta Treimane*

*Fri 3.05 *_19:00 _*Exhibition* *O**pening*
*Sat 4*.05.19 _14-22
Sun 5.05.19 *_*14-21

*Jan Bernstein* https://janbernstein.com/
*Nikita Zhukovskiy* https://nikitazhukovskiy.com/
*Zac Endter* https://zacendter.com/
*Dārta Treimane* https://www.instagram.com/atrad.a/
*Jeremy Knowles* https://jeremyknowles.co.uk/

> https://www.facebook.com/events/410836426413593/?active_tab=about ,


*NMMMM (**No More Miserable Monday Mornings - Berlin Radical Reading Groups*)
is hosting three weekly Monday evening readings of *Angela Davis*' *"Are
Prisons Obsolete?"* _You do not have to be familiar with the book or Davis'
work to attend the event....

*Mon 06.05.19*

*Chapter 5 & 6 *(Last chapters)

*NMMMM* is a free, accessible, radical English language reading group in
Berlin. The tone of the group is casual and conversational, the readings
function with a different person reading aloud, with intermittent responses
and reflections to the material.
Please bring your own book or phone/tablet/computer to read a PDF from.
Printed texts aren't provided.


*Dynamic Mindfullness Yoga*
with *Annie Boman*

*Wed, 8 / 15 / 22 / 29.05*

This mindful-movement practice is welcome to all.
Being mindful is to touch each moment deeply with awareness. We can bring
this quality into our movement and our stillness.

Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga encourages a loving and non-judgemental attitude
towards the body. We will look for the experience of the pose, rather than
striving for a form. Techniques of pulsing and waving are explored to
arrive into and transition between poses. The process of the practice is
the goal.
You will be invited to close each session with a short, seated meditation.
Looking forward to practicing mindfulness together!

Suggested donation €6-10
Bring your own mat!
Doors open from 9.45am


with *Alessandra Eramo*

*Fr 9.05.19 *– 15-18
*Sat 10.05.19 *– 15-18
*Sun 11.05.19 *– 15-18 *+ Public Performance *19:00

The Space between Voice and Gesture is a workshop led by artist Alessandra
Eramo which explores aural and written phenomena, focussing on the relation
between voice and gesture. The goal of the workshop is to discover our
unique vocal qualities and to create a composition for voice, gesture,
drawings and field recordings. The workshop will conclude with a public
performance. The voice is ephemeral. How can I make the presence of my
voice visible?
>> http://www.ezramo.com

All details & how to apply under:


*After Noon Throb vol. 2*
performances by
Deep Sea | *Tora Hed*
Eine halbe Treppe tiefer | *Cavadoras Collective*

*Sun 19.05.19*

*Tora Hed* is an independent choreographer and dancer from Sweden, based in
Leeds since 2012. She graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance
2015 and received the Carolyn Woolridge Outstanding Performance Award. Her
work is focused and inspired around humans experiences from her own
perspective. Tora explores physical and emotional states in her practice
and generate new spaces for imagination. Tora has made works from solo to
extended pieces, collaborated with other dance, music and filmmakers across
the UK and Europe.

*Cavadoras* is a performance collective based between Berlin and Naples
working with instant composition, dance, poetry and sound. The name refers
to excavators/miners, because Cavadoras search for ways to communicate the
imaginative potential of the underground.

*Martina Gambardella* (dancer, choreographer, IT)
*Lilly Pöhlmann* (dancer ECU/GER)
*Marcelo Schmittner *(sound/light artist CHL)
*Marianne Tuckman* (performance poet/dancer UK)

Details https://www.facebook.com/events/641814746267563/ ,


*Workshop: CONSPECTUSwith Angus BalabernieWed 29 / Thu 30.05.19*

*Angus McLean Balbernie* is a 65 year old performance artist who has
created around 85 pieces and projects across the world.
Taught for many years at places like EDDC and artEZ Arnhem, Scottish School
of Contemporary Dance, Dartington College of Arts, Falmouth University and
Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Was visiting professor of
choreography at KNUA Seoul, and LEM Buenos Aires.
Doesn’t teach anymore except occasional exploratory workshops, improvises,
makes the odd commissioned piece, performs for other folk and plays the
banjo left-handed and really quite badly. He might still improve. >>
 www.angusbalbernie.weebly.com <http://www.angusbalbernie.weebly.com/>

All details & how to apply under:
http://www.liebig12.net/workshopconspectuswith-angus-balabernie/ ,
Spaces are very limited because space is quite limited so please register
in advance.

For further questions and to register please contact: liebig2019 at gmail.com

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Liebigstrasse 12
10247 Berlin

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