[resource-net] New Creative Production M.A. here in Berlin

DORON SADJA doron at sadja.com
Wed May 8 12:57:59 CEST 2019

Hello Resource,
I just wanted to share info about a new Masters Degree program I've started
teaching at here in Beriln at dBs Music. If you're interested in
practice-based research surrounding anything
music/sound/installation/performance related and are looking to get and
M.A., this program is really interesting and worth checking out. Since the
program is new, we're looking for more students, so spread the word if you
know of anyone!


Our Creative Production (Music) M.A provides a clear framework with highly
flexible content for negotiated and self-directed learning, allowing you to
pursue a chosen area of study through an iterative practice-based research
approach that’s supported by taught workshops and individual
supervision. Rather than traditional lectures, teaching is focused mostly
in informal meetings and workshops during the first and second semesters
and will provide a thorough grounding in practice-led research theory and
methodology along side a wider range of research in sound, music and the
arts. This taught component is not intended to give the answers to all the
questions, but to stimulate curiosity, to widen and deepen frames of
musical and conceptual reference, but most importantly: to provide a set of
tools with which to explore and develop personal research ideas and

Located in the beautiful Funkhaus, a former GDR broadcast center
overlooking the Spree, we also have some really wonderful GDR built
recording studios - and students this year are also collaborating with the 4D
Monom <https://www.monomsound.com/> system which is also in the building.

Doron Sadja

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