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podinski podinski at mailbox.org
Wed Dec 26 19:54:37 CET 2018

dear resource + transmediale,

if i didn't send this to you already...

and you're in Berlin for the holidaze and wanna watch the 35c3 - Hacker
Congress -  streams ( DAY1 ) with us 2morw...

all welcome! ... All Day...

And, if all goes according to plan... a yummy spicy chili vokü in the
evening !

join us !


paolo + The XLterrestrials


Dear arts and praxis friends,

It's been a mad year...

The XLterrestrials wish you all a happy solstice + holidaze season, and
a big thx to all of you who have been supporting our projects through
the rough ride of 2018.

The fUture of CiTiZEN KiNO - our interventionist media platform and
series - is still unwritten ... and under-funded.

But we plan to continue in 2019, and are looking for ways to keep it
alive, fueled and financially nourished !We havent been producing these
events for a few months now, and unlikely we will return to the format
of a regular series... but we decided to come back for 1 MORE DEFIANT
MARATHON SHOW to keep the spirits high and to finish off this brutal
year with A BIG BANG ! 

Please SHARE This INVITE !


On Thurs. DEC. 27th, we take over the Club Der Polnischen Versager in
Berlin Mitte ... for an ALL DAY EVENT !

What: CiTiZEN KINO #77: Efficiency, Madness and Rebellion

Where: Club der P. Versager, Ackerstr, 168  ( next to Schokoladen venue )

When : Beginning at 10:00h - morning - and late into the nite !

How Much: by Donation !

And possible Vokü. See more below.


We create a *** teahaus lounge *** to watch the live streams from the
**** 35th Chaos Congress ( via Leipzig ) **** ... and analyze with our
friends and special guests throughout the day. If YOU would like to be a
"special" guest, and present something, contact us.

Note: 35c3 is a very politically-engaged Hacker Congress. Beginners
welcome. We will not speaking "Nerd-o-philia". This is for a general
public to understand the tech resistance, criticize it and/or discuss it !

And in the evening, we will present a more focused CiTiZEN KINO "show"
of curated media ( with some "best of CK" clips ) ... and some mad
analysis of one of our most complicated subjects... Humans + Technology
+ Our Habitat in Peril...

A very critical perspective ! Engagement highly encouraged !

We are still constructing the show, but you can read some musings ( and
pre-show research ) on the theme here:



We could use all kinds of assistance... financial, people ( with four
limbs or however many ya got ), techie adepts, bar help. fiery voices
and deep thinkers...

Please Join us, it's going to be a wild experiment that you shouldnt miss...

Ya, it's holidaze... so bring the whole frickin family...

THIS is way better then a shitty Hollywonk Christmas Flick..


If you're in town, DON'T MISS THIS !

Dr. Podinski

and The XLterrestrials


arts + praxis organisms

EXtra Extra:

*** teahaus lounge ***

We are accepting donations for food, kaffee, teas, supplies...

and are hoping to provide a Vokü ( folks kitchen ) ... soup or chili in
the evening... if possible.

Get in touch if you would like to HELP !

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