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*Events this week at SPEKTRUM*

   - Mon 11 Sept: Berlin Modular: Snazzy FX DIY Workshop
   - Tue 12 Sept: Community night: SCS #45 / Smell Lab #23
   - Wed 13 Sept: Lecture: gamut inc + Leslie Dunton-Downer: This is not a
   swan song <#m_-2873636373282461207_wednesday>
   - Thu 14 Sept: movLab presents: Sentire #358
   - Fri 15 Sept: SCOPE Presents: Federico Foderaro / Matt Burnett /
   Hylynyiv / Mo Seeger #359 <#m_-2873636373282461207_tour>
   - Sat 16 Sept: We Make It 4: Vj Open Lab, Madebyus, Scs, Berlin Modular
   #360 <#m_-2873636373282461207_friday>
   - Sun 17 Sept: Brane Zorman / Boris Baltschun / Joe Kudirka #361

*Exhibition 12: Klang Raum Skulptur*

   - From 22-24 September: read more

[image: Join events on Facebook]
Join events on Facebook
[image: Event program on our website]
Event program on our website
Monday 11 Sept: Berlin Modular: Snazzy FX DIY Workshop
*Start time: 18:00*

Berlin Modular presents the amazing buddha like figure Snazzman a.k.a Dan
Snazelle of SNAZZY FX
He will be in our lovely B
the equally love inducing Spektrum live in person to lead the workshop
building some of his newer illustriously awesome eurorack modules.

If you want to join, please send a reservation request to
berlinmodular at gmail.com or send us a PM through Facebook. You can read more
Tuesday 12 Sept: Smell Lab #23 / Sonic Code Sessions #45
*Start time: 19:30*

In this meetup, the Smell Lab
will explore our scent-archive. There we have so many essential oils from
industry production as well as our own produced collected smells... Feel
free to join with your nose, let´s combine some scents to make new strange
smells and let´s think about what to do with them!

The Sonic Code Sessions
aim to provide a time and place for self directed and collaborative
learning + experimentation. If you would like to free yourself from the
limitations that come with traditional music software, this is for you! We
occasionaly do jam sessions and plan group performances.

Read more & find us on Meetup
Wed 13 Sept: Lecture: gamut inc + Leslie Dunton-Downer: This is not a swan

Doors: 20:00 / Start time: 20:30
*Entrance: free*

*Making an Experimental Music Theater Piece in Berlin *
gamut inc composers Maciej Sledziecki & Marion Wörle + librettist Leslie
Dunton-Downer present their new music theater project >This is Not a Swan
Song< in the context of Berlin's digital music and experimental performing
arts scene. Their presentation features selected music and images from
their work process, and will be followed with audience Q&A and discussion.

Read more
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Thursday 14 Sept: movLab presents: Sentire #358

Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
*Entrance: 5-10 € (up to your offer)*

‘Sentire’ is an Italian word that means both to hear and to feel: we want
to discover this fine mixture of perception that requires to slowly listen
and experience tiny body sensations and sound events.

The ‘Sentire' project was initiated by *Marcello Lussana *and *Olga
Kozmanidze* in 2016. The performance series are based on interactive sound
of the participants and they are part of a PhD research on human perception.

*>>>The performance<<<*
In the course of the performance we invite audience to participate and
experience “Sentire” during individual sessions 6-10 min long. The
participants interact with a guide: both of them are connected to the sound
system through a device which is able to detect a distance and touch
between two people.

Following the given instructions offered by the guidance, the participant
proceeds through a scenario of two phases of interaction. Depending on
distance and touch different sounds are triggered and changed. Both hearing
and feeling influence each other, creating a feedback loop of physical,
emotional and intellectual experience. Both hearing and touch senses
gradually morph one into another through time giving a chance to perceive
one’s body on a deep level. The participants have the possibility to
experience some kind of “shared meditation” - a deep sensory experience
caused by human interaction modulated into instant sound feedback.
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Friday 15 Sept: SCOPE Presents: Federico Foderaro / Matt Burnett / Hylynyiv
/ Mo Seeger #359

Doors: 20:00 / Start time: 20:30
Entrance: 7-12 € (up to your offer)
>From 22:00 open Bar

• AV performances by Federico Foderaro, Matt Burnett
• Interactive installations by Hylynyiv and Mauritius Seeger
• live DJ-set at our Bar by Lød - electronic and experimental https://www.

Presented by SCOPE - http://scopesessions.org/
Curated by AudeRrose

• Federico Foderaro, Anthropocene Expanded
Human kind shaped the atmosphere and the surface of planet Earth with tools
and machines.
The audio visual performance goes through different states of building and
destruction, immersing the spectator in an high intensity environment where
fractures and telluric shocks develop a time-based composition.

• Matt Burnett - Mythologie sous marine
This is the first opus of the audio visual collaboration between Matt
Burnett and AudeRrose. The piece is an audio visual tale placing the viewer
in a black and white underwater world inside an atmospheric sonic

• Hylynyiv, Wyntermute, interactive installation
Wyntermute is a media-critical interactive installation and VR experience.
It stands as a philosophical reflection on the quality of our every day
interaction with information: the inherent disproportion of factual
non-involvement opposed to the speed of information consumption and
illusion of participation. http://hylynyiv.com/wyntermute.php

• Mauritius Seeger, Hypermotion, interactive installation
Installation allowing the observer to explore individual frames in a
"hyperlapse" sequence, using original images captured around the world.

Read on
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Federico Foderaro, Anthropocene
Saturday 16 Sept: We Make It 4: Vj Open Lab, Madebyus, Scs, Berlin Modular

Afternoon: 14:00 - 16:00
Evening: 20:00 - late

*VJ program & evening performances: 5-10 € suggested in support of our lab
MadeByUs workshop: 15 - 20 € suggested in support of our lab*

We present a day of workshops, lectures, presentations and performances
from our communities to raise funds for the final work on the new makerlab
at Spektrum. The makerlab will enhance the creative possibilities of the
many Spektrum communities and enable them to start creating their own
artworks for exhibiting. Come along, support and let us co-create our way
to the future!


   - Presented by MadeByUs
   14:00 - 16:00 *Workshop: 3D printing* (makerlab)
   Why not learn a new tool to incorporate into your artistic practice? In
   this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to use the 3D printers at
   Spektrum’s Maker Lab, step by step. No prior knowledge necessary.

   - Presented by VJ Open Lab
   14:00 – 15:00 *VJ Lecture : Opening the live visual field *
   This VJ Lecture is an invitation to enter the live video field, giving
   you the codes to understand the contemporary live visual field and
   presenting you the different technical tools to start. The lecture is
   taught by A-li-ce, who leads the VJ WOMEN Workshop at Spektrum since Spring
   15:00 – 16:00 *VJ Open Lab Presentation *
   3 live sets of 10 minutes, followed by a discussion round with the
   audience to answer questions and give productive feedbacks to the visual
   artists. Live Performances by Jana Auer, Shukken Yuik, and Liudmila

Presented by Sonic Code Sessions
 and Berlin Modular

   - *Sonic Code Sessions - Fractal collages*
   Among the myriad ways that sound intersects with numbers is fractal
   sequences. Chaos mathematics have been used for decades as a composition
   aid tool and they still hold their place in computer music. In this
   performance, fractal - produced rhythm events are combined with an ever -
   changing global sonic soundscape to create a world of temporary forms that
   dissolve into each other.

   - *Performance by Berlin Modular
   Three members of the Spektrum community Berlin Modular have come
   together to create a one off drone orchestra for this special fundraising
   event to help the Spektrum we have to come know and love. They are Arthur
   Gibert (AtoV), Ashley M Puente (Perpetual Ash) and Paul (Cosmic Orbit

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Sun 17 Sept: Brane Zorman / Boris Baltschun / Joe Kudirka #361
Doors: 20:00 / Start time: 20:30
*Free entrance*

*Brane Zorman - EMS Memory Trackers*
We live in a world of invisible and inaudible noise in the world of the
invisible and inaudible frequency spectra. Universe, galaxies, stars, space
dust produce enormous amount of electromagnetic radiation of various
lenghts and wave amplitudes raging from thousands of kilometers to
nanometers. Astronomical objects that have magnetic field produce radio
waves that travel with the speed of light through the space. From the
visual shapes of bodies, positions of stars, suns, planets, moons,
asteroids, from the endless flux of frequencies from the long past time
from the Outer Space he extracted and transformed audio and data recordings
of a various EMS ranges and converted them into an evolving sound sculpture
work. Brane Zorman sees night sky as a notation, as a canvas, where dots of
a different intensity, size, brightness, positions »play« sounds from
extracted visual materials. Zorman worked with local radio amateurs
recording EMS frequencies emitted from close and deep sky combining and
mixing them with a sophisticated sound tools thus mapping, tracking and
inter reacting on ever present but not recognized distant screams and
memories from the space.

*Boris Baltschun & Joe Kudirka - BAKU*
Guitar and Analog Synthesizer, some objects, and Bass and Piano in absentia

*with kind support of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Berlin*

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[image: Brane Zorman - EMS Memory Trackers]
Brane Zorman - EMS Memory Trackers
EXHIBITION #12: KLANG RAUM SKULPTUR *22-23-24 September 2017 at SPEKTRUM*

The collaborative project Klang-Raum-Skulptur is a dome-shaped sound
installation that utilizes an immersive 3-dimensional sound system,
premiered at SPEKTRUM Berlin at the 22nd of September as part of the
festival "Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik". The installation was
originated by Paul Deme who developed the initial spatial concept.
Attracted by the sculpture’s ideal form for the use of Ambisonics
spatialization, Sven König (sCrAmBled?HaCkZ!), joined the project and
installed the Ambisonics system inside the dome.

The composers *Frank Bretschneider, Julius Holtz, Marisol Jimenez, Sven
König, Fabien Artal *and *Richard Scott* employ this technique to create
spatial sound pieces. The resulting entity explores the relationship
between musical composition, space and immersive listening.

• Friday 22 September
18:00 | Exhibition Opening
21:30 | Spatial Sound Intervention by Frank Bretschneider

• Saturday 23 September
16:00 | Installation opens
21:00 | Spatial Sound Intervention by Richard Scott & Julius Holtz

• Sunday 24 September
16:00 | Installation opens
21:00 | Spatial Sound Intervention by Sven König & Fabien Artal

   - ticket installation: 5-10euro up to your offer
   - ticket performance: 10-15euro up to your offer (max 20 people) - buy

Monday/Tuesday 25-26 September | 10:00 - 17:00
 (module I & II) *(on registration) *- read more // buy tickets

   - You will learn and understand the nature of physical modelling of
   spatialization generically for sound and more specifically for Ambisonics.
   - You will get into the hystorical path that defined the development and
   the peculiar success of this system in between different models of sound
   - You will have the chance to create and experiment your own composition
   in multichannel of Ambisonics which could be an inspiring tool to realize
   concepts you are seeking in your artistic practice.

*With kind support of Initiative Neue Musik Berlin, Monat der
zeitgenössischen Musik, KEF, Reckhorn and Poltergeist by Koma Electronik *

Read more
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Buy tickets

*SPEKTRUM* is a project space in Neukölln for idealisation, realisation and
exhibition of technology-based artworks, media-focused events and
futuristic utopias based on the principle "do-it-together-with-others". Above
all, we are an open space promoting participatory processes to co-define
and co-design a social and physical playground for curiosity and critical

Alfredo Ciannameo & Lieke Ploeger

info at spektrumberlin.de

Bürknerstr 12
12047 Berlin - Neukölln
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