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*Events this week at SPEKTRUM*

   - Tue 25 Apr: LC Lab #17 / Sonic Code Sessions #36
   - Wed 26 April: Roundtable: Beauty #294 <#m_5514430027677092566_monday>
   - Thu 27 April: ST VITO - Ciclos #295 <#m_5514430027677092566_thursday>
   - Fri 28 April: Lavender / Aseret #296 <#m_5514430027677092566_friday>
   - Sat 29 April: Human as Possible & Fax #297
   - Sun 30 April: Thanos Chrysakis, Guido Henneböhl, Kris Limbach / The
   Liz #298 <#m_5514430027677092566_sunday>

*For all events: free entrance for refugees / 50% discount Trump Ban
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Event program on our website
Tue 25 April: LC Lab #17 / Sonic Code Sessions #36

*Community meetups / 19:30*

Hands-on session of the *LC Lab
Cinema Lab)*, a place for audio-visual experimentation. LC Lab is a
community where audio and visual artists can meet, create and play new work
together. Read more

The *Sonic Code Sessions* aim to provide a time and place for self directed
and collaborative learning + experimentation. If you would like to free
yourself from the limitations that come with traditional music software,
this is for you! We occasionaly do jam sessions and plan group
performances. Read more

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Wed 26 April: Roundtable: Beauty #294

Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
*Entrance 3-5 euro (up to your offer)*

At this roundtable, four invited speakers will discuss the ambiguities
surrounding beauty and the role it occupies in contemporary artistic
practice. The audience is invited to participate.

Invited speakers:

   - Chris Fenwick (literary scholar)
   - Christina Dimitriadis (visual artist)
   - Joshua Fineberg (composer)
   - Melissa Steckbauer (visual artist)

Moderated and organized by Dennis Schep.

Read more
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Thu 27 April: St Vito - Ciclos #295

Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
*Entrance 6-10 euro (up to your offer)*

*ST VITO - "Ciclos"*
ST VITO (Sensor Technology Visual Interactive Touch Orchestra) is a
multimedia project which fuses contemporary dance, technology, sounds,
visuals, and audience interaction. Inspired by Goethe's theory of colours,
"Ciclos" explores our archetypal perception of colours and shapes through
light and movement. Our work associates different biological evolutionary
states with corresponding emotionally charged, interactive colour-scapes.
We aim to engage the audience in a kinaesthetic experience, where our
spatial, sonic and movement choices are intuitively processed. Using the
world’s first flexible, wearable touch screens; light patterns ripple
through the dancers’ bodies, responding to their movements and
interactions. Our stage performance shows a more streamlined side of our
work through the use of synchronicity between music, light and movement.
This is used to supplement the second part of our concept where live
animations, music and dance work together to build a state of continuous
improvised feedback.
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Fri 28 April: Lavender / Aseret #296
Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
*Entrance 7-12 euro (up to your offer)*

*LAVENDER - Horizons Beneath the Surface *
Transforming field recordings into new sound objects and re-purposing them
in the context of depth of field and spatial placement. A meditative
performance using a minimal modular synthesizer setup and video projections.

*ASERET - Escape to a new Space *
A sensory experience where the public are immerse in tone-clusters. The
perception of space and yourself as a place where meditate and blend with
sounds and images for an introspective awareness. Archetype moving images
that shape the sounds and create new horizons in a new space.

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[image: Lavender - How Did We Get Here Again]
Lavender - How Did We Get Here Again
Sat 29 April: Soundronic / Human as Possible & Fax #297
Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
*Entrance 7-12 euro (up to your offer)*

*Soundronic - Vakuum*
Soundronic's performances offer a style of immersion where sound and visual
representation create unpredictable atmospheres. „Vakuum" is maybe his more
conceptual work: sequences of pure sound frequencies, unusual rhythmic
patterns where the visual accompaniment is a type of matrix representation
in phase with the sound. Simple geometric shapes and colors that react to
the sound in a very fast way, stimulating and challenging our senses.

*Human as Possible & Fax - An Audio / Video Improvisation*

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[image: soundronic.vakuum]
Soundronic - vakuum
Sun 30 April: Thanos Chrysakis, Guido Henneböhl, Kris Limbach / The Liz #298
Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
*Entrance 6-10 euro (up to your offer) *

*Thanos Chrysakis, Guido Henneböhl, Kris Limbach *
A performance of spectral confluences and collisions disclosing intimate
forces of and between aural and visual matter and imagery. From fluid,
erratic and elusive movements to seemingly static ones. An outlet of aural
and visual forces and values of intensity that blooms in sonic matter’s
darkness and in the depths of projected light.

*The Liz *
The Liz is an improvising, multimedia powerhouse trio with Liz Kosack -
synths, Korhan Liz Erel - electronics, and Liz Allbee - amplified brass.

Read on
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The Liz

*SPEKTRUM* is a project space in Neukölln for idealisation, realisation and
exhibition of technology-based artworks, media-focused events and
futuristic utopias based on the principle "do-it-together-with-others". Above
all, we are an open space promoting participatory processes to co-define
and co-design a social and physical playground for curiosity and critical

Alfredo Ciannameo & Lieke Ploeger

info at spektrumberlin.de

Bürknerstr 12
12047 Berlin - Neukölln
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SPEKTRUM art | science | community · Bürknerstraße 12 · Berlin 12047 ·

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