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Dear members of the informal "reSource Network" and all actors in Digital culture, Hybrid arts and 21 century art forms as we write last week
   ALB would like to invite you to a "reSource Network" meeting at Art Laboratory Berlin, Prinzenallee 34 13359 Berlin on Thursday 27 April, 2017 at 7PM
  The proposed Agenda will include:
Kristoffer Gansing from transmediale will not be able to make the meeting, but suggested some dates in the first half of May (11 May is a good possibility, during the week and not during re:publica) ALB can host that meeting, or another space can do so...

As for the Agenda for next week we suggest concentrating on point 1 as we will have a lot to talk about. And touch on Point 2 in preparation for the May meeting. Send any suggestion for further points ahead of the meeting, if you can.

    1. Information on the new AG 21st Century Art & Digital Culture that Christian de Lutz, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Lieke Ploeger, Ela Kagel, Erika Siekstelyte, Peggy Sylop and Paolo Podrescu a.o. have founded within the Koalition der Freie Szene.We would like to invite new members. We will give a short presentation on this and answer any questions. One ot our short -medium term goal is to have a position paper ready for the Koalition der freie Szene, and possibly the Senat in time for the beginning of discussion for the next budget - so by early Autumn!
    2. While we have all mostly taken part in the Vorspiel program with great enthusiasm, a constant topic has been the lack of funding for participants. How about founding a group to work with the transmediale and CTM on a Spartenoffenen Förderung (City Tax) and/or Lotto Stiftung application for the next Vorspiel? (Please note Kristoffer's comment below if you missed the thread)*

Spartenoffenen Förderung: Transmediale is an institution and 1/3 of the money in the  Spartenoffenen Förderung or 'City Tax' is supposedly reserved  for institutions (with a preference for projects in cooperation  with members of the free scene. - see https://www.berlin.de/sen/kultur/foerderung/foerderprogramme/spartenoffene-foerderung/) ALB's Suggestion: the application could include money for projects in the next Vorspiel that are planned already (ie by July); a lump sum for artist fees and production costs for projects developed after July; and an organisers fee and press and PR (flyer, poster etc.) Proposed here - a discussion about whether this would be possible and who would take part in preparation for a meeting with members of transmediale on may. 
    3. TBA - please send any topics you would like included to cdelutz(at)artlaboratory-berlin.org and I will include them in an updated Agenda at the meeting
   Kind regards, 
   Christian de Lutz & Regine Rapp

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Dear resource-net, Christian and all,
 Great to see this initiative happening - it is definitely what is needed in terms of cultural politics! I and transmediale would certainly offer our support to this dialogue with the city.
 As for applying for Vorspiel, please be aware that transmediale and CTM do not formally count as institutions as we are still relying on project funding. Only transmediale is more like an institution through its affiliation with Kulturprojekte Berlin but any application would then have to go through them if we are to play this institutional card. This definitely needs a bigger discussion but unfortunately I am not in Berlin on the announced date!
 Is there a chance this could be done a week later?
best wishes,

Christian de Lutz 
Prinzenallee 34
13359 Berlin

office/ post address:
Nostitzstrasse 12 
10961 Berlin 

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