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Hi Resourcers,

below, our events this October. Feel free to share the info and join us if
you can!
Tatiana Bazzichelli will speak at our event this Monday
<https://www.facebook.com/events/175772726163478/> for example. Hope some
of you
can come!


School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe <http://schoolofma.org/> In
conjunction with The Influencers present:
*October Program for Artistic Practices on the Internet.*

    •    Creative Uses of Technology to get your messages across – 3
October – Berlin
    •    Machine Learning for Activists – 19-20 October – Barcelona
    •    Internet Deconstrudted – 21-22 October – Barcelona


*Creative Uses of Technology to get your messages across:*

*Date:* Monday 3rd October
* Time: *19:30 – 23:00
*Place:* ACUD MACHT NEU - Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin

* Talks by: *
Rachel Uwa (School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe)
Tatiana Bazzichelli (Disruption Network Lab)
Ben Grosser (Artist and Activist)

Is it still possible to use technology and media as conscious tools for
social change? And what can we offer as researchers and cultural producers
to encourage a critical debate on social, political and technological
matters? Is it still possible to generate disruption in the field of
cultural production, both in the conceptualisation of programme formats and
in the development of networked artistic practices?

The talks on this evening will focus on answering these questions,
exploring the internet while gaining an understanding of the technical
tools used to intervene the web in purposeful ways for its social and
political impact. We'll critically investigate the intentions and effects
technologiy presents to us and the ways we can harness them or exploit them
for meaningful social changes.

Join us to discover more about efficiente software techniques to use the
Internet as a tool to express your own ways of seeing the world and find
out what it really means to disrupt, to be subversive, to get your message
out to the world with irony, with humour, with provocation and hope.

*Machine Learning for Activists*

* Workshop with Gene Kogan <http://schoolofma.org/programs/>**Dates:*
Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th October
* Time: *10:00 to 17:00
*Place:* Hangar – Carrer Emilia Coranty, 16, 08018 Barcelona

This workshop aims to introduce the field of machine learning, with a focus
on the techniques and critical issues of interest to journalists,
activists, and citizen scientists.
Over the last few years, machine learning technologies have trickled out of
research labs and into our daily lives. They are widely used in internet
and social media applications like content filtering and recommendation,
investment and finance, scientific research, and increasingly in unexpected
places, such as law enforcement via so-called predictive policing.

Many jobs done by humans are increasingly being automated as well; as these
machines continue to claim more responsibilities from us, their influence
on our lives will continue to grow indefinitely, pushing us to investigate
and educate ourselves about how they work, so we can make informed
decisions about how to integrate them into society.

This workshop is split into two components.

The first is a technical one, which will introduce neural networks and
natural language processing, and how to code basic routines for sifting
through massive amounts of text data (like from newspapers, social media,
document dumps, etc). We will learn how to analyze, cluster, and visualize
large amounts of information to help us understand data.

The second is a discussion-based component addressing the social and
ethical implications of these algorithms. How does content recommendation
in social media influence public opinion? How do we deal with job loss as
sectors of the workforce are automated? These and other questions will be
addressed, with supporting reading materials given.

*Price: *75€ (discount price for students and unemployed 50€)
* Application Deadline:* 14th October

*The Internet, Deconstructed*

* Workshop with Joana Moll <http://schoolofma.org/programs/>**Dates:*
Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd October
* Time: *10:00 to 17:00
*Place:* Sala Conservas – Carrer Sant Pau 58, Baixos – Barcelona

Far from being an immaterial agent, the Internet is an extremely complex
structure composed by a massive number of actors that have a straight and
deep impact in every aspect of our daily lives. Despite its main role in
the configuration of our society, the material and immaterial architectures
that build and operate the Internet are widely ignored by most of its users.

This workshop seeks to critically reveal, analyse and connect the complex
network of material and immaterial agents that converge on the
configuration of the Internet and its impact on the physical world.

Main topics:
#InternetPhysicality #GeopoliticsOfTheInternet #InternetBackbone #Dataflows
& #Sustainability #CognitiveCapitalism #Surveillance #OnlineTracking
#DataCommodification #Data Privacy

In this two days hands-on workshop we will trace and reveal some of the
major “invisible” events that happen when accessing a website from the
browser, such as the physical journey of the information through land and
submarine cables (Geopolitics of the Internet) the different stakeholders
(companies and countries) that have access to our data (Trackers, Data
Brokers, Internet providers, Backbone providers and so on) and the
environmental impact of the information flows (data and CO2 emissions).

*Price: *75€ (discount price for students and unemployed 50€)
*Application* *Deadline: *14th October

Visit our website to learn more: http://schoolofma.org
Conctact us with your question: info at schoolofma.org

Based at ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin, Mitte.

*Founder | School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe  **http://schoolofma.org/
*Twitter |  **https://twitter.com/schoolofmaaa
*Facebook |  **https://www.facebook.com/schoolofmachines
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