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Dear all,
I am in Munich today and won’t be able to join you unfortunately.
Have a good evening and see you again very soon,

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> Am 27.09.2016 um 16:46 schrieb Tatiana Bazzichelli <tbazz at disruptiv.biz>:
> Dear all,
> looking forward to meeting all of you this evening, I share with you the
> info about our upcoming conference this weekend. Hope to see many of you
> there, too!
> All the best /Tatiana
> IGNORANCE: The Power of Non-Knowledge
> Art & Evidence Conference Series 2016
> Location: Kunstquartier Bethanien, Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin.
> Schedule: September 30 (16.00-21.15); October 1 (17.00-20.45), 2016. In
> English language.
> Admission: 5 Euro / day.
> Details: http://www.disruptionlab.org/ignorance
> The 9th event of the Disruption Network Lab, directed by Tatiana
> Bazzichelli, co-curated by Daniela Silvestrin.
> Funded by: Der Regierende Bürgermeister von Berlin, Senatskanzlei,
> Kulturelle Angelegenheiten / City Tax.
> In partnership with: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.
> In cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien. In collaboration
> with the Resistance Studies Network and the Resistance Study Initiative,
> University of Massachusetts Amherst, and SPEKTRUM.
> Media partners: ExBerliner, Der Freitag, Furtherfield.
> Speakers: Matthias Gross (sociologist and science studies scholar, DE),
> Joanna Kempner (Sociologist, US), Jamie Allen (artist and researcher,
> CA/CH), Teresa Dillon (artist and researcher, IE/DE/UK), Karen Douglas
> (social psychologist, UK), Martin F. Robbins (researcher and science
> writer, UK), Hannah Jane Parkinson (digital culture journalist and
> writer, UK), Ippolita group (hacktivists, philosophers, and writers,
> IT), Vladan Joler (SHARE Foundation director, chair of the New Media
> Department, University of Novi Sad, RS), Jan Willem Wieland (Assistent
> professor, Department of Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).
> Screening of "Merchants of Doubt" (2014, 1h36min, OV), documentary
> directed by Robert Kenner, based on the book "Merchants of Doubt" by
> historians of science Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway.
> The second event of the "Art & Evidence" series by Disruption Network
> Lab 2016 investigates the political, social and ethical dimensions of
> ignorance, manifested as different forms of what has been termed
> "nonknowledge". It will shed light on how, why and when knowledge does
> not come to be, disappears or is suppressed, the possible advantages and
> disadvantages related to the creation or maintenance of ignorance and
> doubt, and how the underlying strategies and dynamics can be unveiled
> and unmade.
> Especially in the context of the current political scenario that we are
> witnessing, the study and closer look at strategies behind the
> deliberate creation and spreading of ignorance has gained more
> importance than ever if we want to understand the reasons for the
> growing success of populist campaigns. At the same time, the creation of
> doubts, suppression or selected publication of facts, and nourishing of
> controversies is building a
> constant background to the debates related to the discussions about
> climate change, carcinogenic products, conduct and publication of
> scientific research results and the role and influence of the media in it.
> A program of keynote lectures, panel discussions and a film screening
> will present artists, scientists, researchers and journalists who will
> discuss mechanisms and reasons behind knowledge that does not come to be
> or is suppressed. Discussions will center around the political,
> strategic, technological, and social uses of creating ignorance in
> social and everyday life through the manipulation and suppression of
> facts, the creation of doubt and
> uncertainty, biased reporting of the media, or even forbidden knowledge
> that is too controversial, sensitive or taboo to be studied.
> More information:
> http://www.disruptionlab.org/ignorance
> FB: www.facebook.com/disruptionlab
> Twitter: @disruptberlin
> -- 
> Tatiana Bazzichelli // Artistic Director
> http://disruptionlab.org
> Twitter: @disruptberlin // @t_bazz
> PGP: A87C 3637 03ED 1D1C E6FE E828 1F55 2B2F F5A5 C9A0
> -- 
> Tatiana Bazzichelli // Artistic Director
> http://disruptionlab.org
> Twitter: @disruptberlin // @t_bazz
> PGP: A87C 3637 03ED 1D1C E6FE E828 1F55 2B2F F5A5 C9A0
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