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Dear reSourcers,

once again Liebig12 is happy to celebrate with you introducing composer and sound artist Sam Hertz <https://www.facebook.com/sam.hertz.7> as the artist and curator in residence! 
Please feel free to get in touch to know more about open studio and public happenings in the space, including the possibility to propose projects to be organized during Sam's residency.
Discover more about Sam's work here: http://www.samhertzsound.com/ <http://www.samhertzsound.com/>
The first encounter will happen the upcoming 

Monday 22.09.2016

19.30h doors
20.00h show

performances by:
::: ian douglas-moore _ paul n roth ::: mediumloud noise music for saxophone/guitar >>> sonic adventures in the land of textural distortions, microtonal manipulations, meandering
sound walls, and other ear curiosities // douglas-moore lays out sound walls using guitar-created sine tones, feedback, and a deliberate approach to sonic layering while roth inlays his electronics-influenced approach to the alto saxophone, ducking in and out of the sound space with microtonal manipulations, multiphonics, drones, and other noise gestures, sometimes to reinforce the overall texture, other times to destroy it. the result is a continuous sound field that seems to evolve slowly but at the same time constantly reworks itself through subtle turns, hints, and premonitions from two sound artists keen on manipulating sonic space.

https://earwash.bandcamp.com/album/ian-douglas-moore-paul-n-roth <https://earwash.bandcamp.com/album/ian-douglas-moore-paul-n-roth>


Samuel Hertz, composer and performer, received his MFA at Mills College, where he studied composition and electronic music with Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, and Zeena Parkins. He continually collaborates with numerous dance companies and performers throughout the United States, and his work has been seen/heard at ACUD MACHT NEU (Berlin, Germany), Bains::Connective (Brussels, Belgium), Apiary Studios (London, UK), Center for New Music (San Francisco, CA), Berkeley Art Museum (Berkeley, CA), Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (San Francisco, CA), ACRE-TV (Chicago, IL), Jack Straw New Media Gallery (Seattle, WA), Harvestworks (New York, NY), The Uncreativity Festival (Minneapolis, MN), and WBEZ Radio (Chicago, IL), among others. Samuel has worked as lead technical assistant to, and performed with Morton Subotnick, Alvin Curran, and John Driscoll. He will be in residence at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm, Sweden in late June. Samuel is currently part of two working groups as an artist-researcher for the Anthropocene Curriculum in association with Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin, Germany), and his work is released on the Nebularosa record label (London, UK).

samhertzsound.com <http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fsamhertzsound.com%2F&h=jAQHYtVbv&enc=AZOiRq5dRSBY25vEsp7-zD8ZA4fYzbGTjxJqTIQbXjXWxVtWduQtjHG5-qxobCrf4Ug&s=1>


admission by donation

Liebigstrasse 12
10247 Berlin

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