[resource-net] difference between City Tax adn Hauptstadtkultorfonds?

Oliver Baurhenn oliver at ctm-festival.de
Mon Sep 19 18:19:25 CEST 2016

Uff, I also just read the results from the 2nd City Tax round. OMG! 

Did anybody from the resource network apply? 

I have to make up my mind for this second round, definitely the grant amounts are now similar to the HKF amounts. What seems also similar is: If you are a regular institution that already gets more money since this year = KW, Gorki, then you are eligible to more money. As it is not visible which projects include the Freie Szene, I can’t judge if this is justified or not. The fund also was intended to support the Freie Szene in doing things at Berlin Institutions (meaning organizations that already get regular funding from the City and have a so called Haushaltstitel in the Berlin budget). 
Definitely now the amounts asked for are on the same level as at HKF. Either there were no more smaller amounts asked or the jury decided on higher amounts. 

Concerning the Koalition der Freien Szene: Either we should push our activities there and flood a bit more their general assemblies and ask for a major change that more info should be provided in EN and DE and also maybe we should push to have more persons in the so called Sprecherkreis der Freien Szene. At the moment they are a bit unbalanced as there are many people in there for the more „classical" fine arts scene, dance and a bit of other performing arts and the New Music section is also well represented. Missing out are all that are dealing with all - to call it simplified - non-classical art forms.

Therefore, I also agree with Arne’s idea quoted by Tatiana, we have to show more presence by applying and being present on all political levels. 

As I am also part of the Berlin Council for the Arts / Rat für die Künste, I am happy to push forward topics. I am already always complaining about the non-presence of the digital arts and that quite a lot of what we are all doing is somehow not present in all discussions as obviously a lot of culture people don’t understand what we are doing. 

Looking forward to more opinions and insights from all of you!


> Am 19.09.2016 um 12:55 schrieb Tatiana Bazzichelli <tbazz at disruptiv.biz>:
> Hi,
> thanks a lot for your answers. I think Arne is saying something really
> important (excerpt below): maybe we can discuss over this at the next
> reSource meeting, too?
> Could someone repeat date and time of it?
> Best,
> Tatiana
>> - returning to Koalition der Freien Szene's lobbying work though: In
>> order to be successful with letters and protests and demands, you will
>> need to invest a lot of energy and into some kind of group/scene
>> labeling and identity. the other arts fields and larger institutions
>> will be syphoning off even more ideas and practices (and practitioners)
>> from the digital arts field in the upcoming years, and being able to
>> represent your interests in some kind of body in the field of culture
>> politics might help your situation a lot. be present in applications
>> for existing funding, be present in culture politics discourses by
>> demanding more and dedicated money. 
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