[resource-net] difference between City Tax adn Hauptstadtkultorfonds?

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Mon Sep 19 12:30:00 CEST 2016

hi all,

some thoughts on Tatiana's and Christian's recent messages coming from
someone not from "the scene" (but from performative arts):

- what City Tax funding is meant for still seems to be quite unclear
and there are ongoing fights about it. Koalition der Freien Szene has
fought hard for City Tax money going to free arts and is still doing
so, while the city's interest is foremost in stuffing holes left by
other funding programs. generally i doubt single projects will have
much of a chance there atm. but:

- what is being funded always also has to do with what is being
applied for. applications generate presence of demand, so while it is
tedious work, sending a lot of applications to all the different
funding institutions is basically a good idea. unless they are really
crappy and sloppy (the applications, that is ^^).

- getting HKF money will need some attention capital, since funding is
usually given to a larger degree for what you have already done than
for what you are planning to do. but in the last years there has been
a tendency to go smaller and more risky in HKF funding decisions, too,
so by all means apply. collaborations might be helpful.

- returning to Koalition der Freien Szene's lobbying work though: In
order to be successful with letters and protests and demands, you will
need to invest a lot of energy and into some kind of group/scene
labeling and identity. the other arts fields and larger institutions
will be syphoning off even more ideas and practices (and practitioners)
from the digital arts field in the upcoming years, and being able to
represent your interests in some kind of body in the field of culture
politics might help your situation a lot. be present in applications
for existing funding, be present in culture politics discourses by
demanding more and dedicated money. "digitalization" is a big thing
for the city and and the more established arts atm, that is something
you should be able to make use of because there is still time to
influence new and upcoming funding instruments. having a voice in the
Koalition is of importance - unfortunately they do their stuff mostly
in German.

sorry if all this was no news for you.

best, arne.

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