[resource-net] difference between City Tax adn Hauptstadtkultorfonds?

Tatiana Bazzichelli tbazz at disruptiv.biz
Tue Sep 13 12:49:02 CEST 2016

Dear Oliver & Rachel,

as Disruption Network Lab we got The HKF funding in 2015 and the City
Tax in 2016. When we got the HKF funding, the City Tax funding was not
existing yet: the first deadline was last February 2016. We actually
applied last year also to HKF in October 2015 (for the programme of
2016), but we did not get funded, while the application of City Tax was
successful. This is the reason why we needed to start a bit later this
year and cut one of our planned events in Berlin because it was only
possible to start the programme in May 2016 (fortunately in April we
were able to make one event in London, commissioned by AND Festival at
the Somerset House, but we needed to operate "internationally" and could
not do it locally).

The reason why we did not get the HKF funds in 2016 but only in 2015 is
still unclear to me, but I think that it is related to the fact that
they usually do not fund a series consecutively. While instead
apparently the City Tax fund was created to support ongoing events and
also the more independent scene of Berlin. My impression is that the
last HKF funds were mainly directed to institutions, or to dance,
theater and performance projects, while the art & digital culture scene
of Berlin got better results with the City Tax - as well as ongoing
events and project spaces' activities.

Knowing what you do, Rachel, I would also suggest the City Tax fund,
especially because you work with series, as we do. But as Oliver wrote,
these are speculations, we still don't know exactly what will happen in
this second round of applications.
Fingers crossed for all of us!

-- p.s. Oliver, I am Tatiana Bazzichelli, you forgot my name?!? Another
person in our project is called Daniela, but she is Daniela
Silvestrin...you know her too! :D This shows that we should meet more
often ;) Hugs!



On 12/09/16 18:24, Oliver Baurhenn wrote:
> Hello Rachel,
> I would say, let’s wait until the second round of City Tax applications is decided, then the picture will be more clear. Definitely at the moment no project - as far as I know - got funding if they got one of the funds. 
> City Tax might be the better one for you as HKF (Hauptstadtkulturfonds) tends to be more classical formats. Additionally, if you have City Tax (money form the city) then it can be combined with federal funding, HKF can’t be combined with that as the money comes from the federal government and the fund is only administered by the city.
> Maybe Daniela Bazzichelli might be able to add here, as she got first HKF funding for her Disruption lab and now City Tax funding. Right, Daniela? What are your experiences so far with the two different grants?
> Greetings and I hope this helps a bit
> Oliver
>> Am 12.09.2016 um 16:09 schrieb Rachel Uwa <rachel.uwa at gmail.com>:
>> hi Resource network,
>> I hope all is well!
>> Might some of you know the difference between City Tax and Hauptstadtkulturfonds? Or as well any thoughts in general on what gets funded and what does not as far as creative projects in Berlin? 
>> If so, would love to hear from you!
>> Thanks in advance!
>> warmly,
>> Rachel
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