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Visionary Archive Festival,
Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art
May 21-31, 2015


Two years ago, Arsenal initiated a translocal experiment. The
"Visionary Archive" project, which is supported by the TURN Fund of
the German Federal Cultural Foundation, places different
cinematographic contexts in Berlin, Bissau, Johannesburg, Cairo, and
Khartoum in relationship with one another. The central question here
is what transcultural, curatorial and artistic work with archives and
archival research can look like today.

Alongside Arsenal and the perspective that comes from its unique
in-house collection, the project partners are the non-governmental
project Cimatheque - Alternative Film Centre (Cairo), the independent
cinema The Bioscope (Johannesburg), the archive of deceased filmmaker
Gadalla Gubara (Khartoum), and the Geba Filmes association (Bissau).

>From May 21-31, the participants will be giving insights into their
material, presenting their findings and discussing open questions with
invited guests and audiences. This festival brings the project to a
close even as there are still many things yet to be accomplished and
takes in films, exhibitions, three workshops, and open-air cinema
screenings. In addition to Arsenal, the festival is also taking place
at the Scriptings and Archive Kabinett project spaces. The festival
language is English.


Thur 21 May / 06:00 pm Cinema 1
*La zerda et les chants de l'oubli, Assia Djebar, Algeria 1982
16 mm OV/EnS 59 min
*Le grand détour, Ahmed Bedjaoui, Algeria 1968
35 mm OV/EnS 50 min

Fri / 22 May / 11:00 pm Cinema 1
Le complot d'Aristote Aristotle's Plot, Jean-Pierre Bekolo,
France/UK/Zimbabwe 1996
35 mm English version 72 min
Introduced by Marie-Hélène Gutberlet with Jean-Pierre Bekolo in person

Sat / 23 May / 12:00 pm Cinema 2
Workshop (1) "Materiality" 12 pm - 2 pm and 3 pm - 6 pm (free admission)
Discussion on the politics of restauration with examples from the
Cimatheque - Alternative Film Centre (Cairo), the national film
institute of Guinea-Bissao, the estate of filmmaker Gadalla Gubara and
from the research on the B-Schemes films
In English language With contributions by Filipa César, Yasmin
Desouki, Darryl Els, Sara Gubara, Sana na N'Hada, Katharina von
Schroeder, Ala Younis and others, Moderated by Tobias Hering.

Sat / 23 May 07:00 pm Cinema 2
Viva Sara! (Revisited) Fragments of an unfinished film
Gadalla Gubara, Sudan approx. 1980 Digital file approx. 50 min
Introduced by Nadja Korinth, Katharina von Schroeder, commentary by Sara Gubara

Sun / 24 May 12:00 pm Cinema 2
Les statues meurent aussi
Chris Marker, Alain Resnais France 1953
35 mm OV/EnS 30 min
Introduced by Marie-Hélène Gutberlet

Sun / 24 May 02:00 pm Cinema 2
*Fanado Sana na N'Hada
Guinea-Bissau 1984
Digital file OV (Balanta and French) 23 min
Filipa César and Sana na N'Hada in conversation

Mon / 25 May / 07:00 pm
"South African Pulp: Photo-Comics and the B-Schemes Subsidy Films" und
"Revisiting Memory: Building an Alternative Archive in Egypt"
Veranstaltungsort: Archive Kabinett, Dieffenbachstr. 31, 10967 Berlin
Präsentationen von Darryl Els und Yasmin Desouki

Tu / 26 May / 07:00 pm
Discussion on screening of footage from Studio Gad
Venue: Scriptings, Kameruner Str. 47, 13351 Berlin
Sara Gubara, Nadja Korinth and Katharina von Schroeder in conversation
with Achim Lengerer.

Wed May / 09:00 pm Cinema 2
*Afrika am Rhein Pape Badara Seck FRG 1985
DigiBeta OV/GeS 108 min
Introduced by Tobias Hering

Thur/ 28 May / 09:00 pm Cinema 1
Soleil Ô, Med Hondo, France 1969
16 mm OV/EnS 98 min

Fri / 29 May / 07:00 pm Cinema 1
En nations födelse / Birth of a Nation
Lennart Malmer, Ingela Romare Sweden 1973
Digital file OV/EnS 48 min
Vredens poesi / Poetry of Anger
Lennart Malmer Sweden 1978
Digital file OV/EnS 48 min
Introduced by Filipa César

Fri / 29 May / 09:30 pm Cinema 1
Le fond de l'air est rouge
A Grin Without a Cat, Chris Marker, France 1977
35 mm OV/EnS 180 min
Introduced by Tobias Hering

Sat / 30 May / 12:00 pm Cinema 2
12pm-2pm and 3-6pm (free admission) In English language
Workshop (2) "Reprendre" On the contemporary artistic and filmic
practice of creating archives and re-evaluating forgotten filmic
documents. With films and contributions by Brigitta Kuster, Kudzanai
Chiurai (tbc), Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Sana na N'Hada, Lennart Malmer and
others, Moderated by Enoka Ayemba.

Sat / 30 May / 07:00 pm Cinema 1
*No pincha!, Tobias Engel, René Lefort, Gilbert Igel, France 1970
16 mm OV/GeS 65 min
Carnaval de Guinée Bissao, Tobias Engel, France 1982
16 mm OV 27 min
Introduced by Filipa César
Tobias Engel in person

Sun / 31 May / 12:00 pm Kino 2
12-14 Uhr und 15-18 Uhr (Eintritt frei)
Workshop (3) "Mobility" Workshop zur Bedeutung wechselnder
Zuschauerschaften eines Films und zur Praxis des mobilen Kinos. Mit
Beiträgen und Filmen von Darryl Els, Marie-Hélène Gutberlet & Tobias
Hering, Sana na N'Hada, Filipa César & Aissatu Seidi, Moderation:
Marie-Hélène Gutberlet.

Sun / 31 May / 07:00 pm starting point: Arsenal foyer
critical guided tour to Oranienplatz with Kwesi Aikins departs from
the Arsenal Cinema.

Sun / 31 May / 09:00 pm
Kino unter freiem Himmel / Open air cinema /
Prinzessinnengarten, Prinzessinnenstr. 15, am Moritzplatz
Public screening of footage from the national film institute of Guinea
Bissao in collaboration with the African Refugee Union (Oranienplatz).

O regresso de Amílcar Cabral / The Return of Amílcar Cabral
Flora Gomes, Sana na N'Hada, José Bolama, Josefina Crato
Guinea-Bissao/Guinea/Sweden 1976
Digital file OV/EnS 31 min
Discusson with Filipa César, Sana na N'Hada, Aissatu Seidi and others.

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