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Hello Everyone;

Here are the notes from Allegra and I from our last mtg.

September 17th, 2014 - Meeting Notes
Hosted by Kate Hollett & Allegra Solitude - Liebig12, Liebigstr.12 - 10247
Present: Konrad Korabiewski, Anna Friz, Doron Sadja, Allegra/Liebig12, Kate
Hollett, Gregor Sedlag, Manuela Benetton, Robert Sakrowski, Daniela
Silvestrin, Kristoffer Gansing, Lieke Ploeger, Tina Madsen, Erika/Panke,
Elena & Francesco.
Presentation of Agenda / Introductions
Kate Hollett & Allegra Solitude´s Welcome! & introduction of the space and
the A/V installation piece of Korad Korabiewski & Anna Friz that ran for the
all duration of the meeting
Presentation/Discussion of Work and Concepts
Anna Friz and Konrad Korabiewski discuss work:
Rhythm analysis for errant commuters and communications. By foot, wheel, and
air, we travel. Multi-channel radio and audio; single screen projection.
(using recorded street sounds/video layered with real time flight data from
Lieke Ploeger discussed installation on now in her new art space called
SPEKTRUMBerlin. (www.spektrumberlin.de <http://www.spektrumberlin.de/> )
Ionesis: transitory fluorescent space
A multi-channel composition generated live by a software is displaying a
synchronisation of a stream of high-voltage into 15 fluorescent tubes by
means of music for the eyes. Flickering and pulsing is the language of the
light which is used in this piece, offering a sense of transitority of the
space which is undergoing modifications every week.
The installation is running every evening between sunset and midnight at
Bürknerstr 12 (U8 Schönleinstrasse).
Doron Sadja described some of his work in sound, light and fog. More hereŠ
Kate Hollett moderates an open discussion about
21st century identity within virtual & media culture -
group participation.

Kate will be speaking at Social Media Week -
Summary/Next Steps
Vorspiel 2015 - It was decided that it was still a little early to speak of
We planned to readdress Vorspiel at the next meeting and ask that any
interested curators and art space participants attend the next meeting for
this purpose.
Format - The Sept. 17 meeting was directed more to discussing ideas than the
process of reSources with break out time for smaller discussion; the process
was well received and it was suggested that the meetings could be used to
include more idea sharing and knowledge growth.
Next Meeting - It was decided that we would continue to pre-set the dates
and change location. The next meeting will be Wed. Oct. 22 6-8 pm.
Panke will host and moderate the next meeting. Details will follow from
If anything is wrong or missing, please feel free to make any necessary
changes and let us all know.
Thanks from both Allegra and I for the great discussions. It was truly a
pleasure. We look forward to the next meeting!
Warm wishes,
Kate & Allegra

Kate Hollett

01577 7155130 (Berlin)
>From North America 
011 49 15777155130
(+1) 416 778-4600 (Toronto)


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