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Hi resource,

this year’s retune conference is approaching fast and I’d like to point you to our pretty extrnsive workshop program.

More information about all the workshops can be found on the website: http://retune.de/2014/workshops
The workshops are not included in the conference ticket and have to booked seperately (http://retune.de/2014/tickets).


We're very proud to introduce extended workshops this year. They give you more time to dive deep into a topic.

22. – 26.09.2014
In this intense 5 day workshop Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev teach low level networking using only command line tools and networking hardware. In doing so, students learn not only how to create and manipulate computer networks, but also how they can be used to manipulate us. No prior knowledge of computer networking, programming or command line interaction is required.
more info: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#networkshop

24. & 25.09.2014, Organized by Berliner Pool
This workshop is an open-collaborative environment in which participants will use their creative and technical backgrounds to develop an unrealized real-time audiovisual or VJ performance. Participants will be introduced to the live performance capabilities of softwares such as Resolume, Modul8, Ableton Live, and others.
more info: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#vj

22. – 26.09.2014
This workshop offer unique opportunities of exchange and collaboration for digital media ‘code savvy’ artists who have an interest in translating aspects of choreography and dance into digital form and applying choreographic thinking to their own practice.
more info (http://retune.de/2014/workshops#ccl

All regular workshops will be held on Friday, 26.09.2014 from 10:00 to 16:00. There will be no talks in parallel so you won't miss anything of the main conference when you attend them.

This workshop explores the method of doing, testing and iterating to explore new ideas and concepts with functional prototypes. Because we think best way to invent the future is to prototype it! We will show you how to explore your interface idea by building it up and programming it in a rapid way.
more info: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#interfaces

In this workshop Joreg and Anton (core developers of the framework) will give you an easy introduction to vvvv by showing you how to use and create GPU-based image effects, mixers and animations. 
more info: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#vvvv

Glemmer is a small, battery powered programmable light module. There are countless possibilities to light up the 64 red glowing LEDs and even more possibilities to design something with it. An integrated microcontroller can be programmed via Arduino or Processing. Glemmer can be used for battery-powered New Media accessories, fashion gimmickry or small electronic intervention. 
more info: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#glemmer

In this workshop you will 3D-Scan your head, prepare it for printing and print it.
Scanning yourself with a Kinect camera is a fun process. The 3D model that comes out of it needs some repairing and can also be modified and remixed with other objects. After that you can print a small version your head on one of the i3 Berlin 3D printers. This practical workshop gives you an overview of the possibilities of 3D printing and scanning.
more info: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#3d

openFrameworks is a creative coding toolkit for artists and designers that allows to work with graphics, sound, video, computer vision and many others.
This workshop will teach you basic knowledge that will help you program using the framework. The workshop is oriented to people with no or few experience in oF but some experience with programming.
more info: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#openframeworks

This workshop introduces the superobjects coding project. The first immediate goal is to change the profile of who programmers are. To get away from the idea that programmers are mathematical-logical-engineering types and transform coding into a creative art form. In the superobjects paradigm, software is considered semi-alive, based on the metaphor of the living organism as an information system. Code will be poetic.
more info: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#superobjects

Sometimes Twitter really looks like a participative, diffused, continuous, restless symphony in front of our eyes. But if that is just what we can see, then how does it sounds like? During the workshop we will not only give Tweets a voice, but we will try to make sense of them, a musical sense, conducting the music as a real orchestra.
While doing that we will go through the basics of physical computing and interfacing hardware with the Twitter API — IoT hands-on!
more info: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#twitter

Looking forward to seeing you there!
All the best,

Julian Adenauer
director retune conference

Schlesische Str. 20, 10997 Berlin
Office: Applied Future Studio, Glogauer Str. 21, 2. HH, Remise
+49 176 10332390
julian at retune.de
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retune 2014: 26. - 28.09.2014
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