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few more appointments at Liebig12 before summer breake and a structural





 “Telefunken Twins”, a radiophonic piece.

Two performance works for multi-channel radio, featuring two vintage
Telefunken Bajazzo radio/cassette decks, multiple micro-FM transmitters,
and a chorus of supporting radio receivers.

The artists employ lo-fi instruments, spectral monitoring, and intricate
feedback systems to craft an expressive and intimate world from the
sensuality of signal and noise.

By working with small-scale circuits of transmission in performance, *Friz*
 and *Korabiewski* seek to transform radio away from its everyday role as
an apparatus of entertainment or information diffusion; instead proposing
radio as instrument, as landscape, and as a poetic space of reverie.

*Anna Friz *and *Konrad Korabiewski *are running the independent art
organization *Skálar --Centre for Sound Art and Experimental Music*, which
acts as both an artist collective and a curatorial platform, and produces a
nomadic festival and international exchanges.

*Anna Friz* is a Canadian sound and radio artist currently based in Berlin.
She specializes in multi-channel transmission systems for installation,
performance, and broadcast, where radio is the source, subject and medium
of the work.

Polish | Danish | Iceladic *Konrad Korabiewski *(1978), is s an
award-winning multimedia artist, currently in the Berliner Künstlerprogramm
des DAAD residency.

As a sound-artist, composer and media artist, Konrad Korabiewski has a
minimalist, yet detail-oriented unconventional and experimental artistic
approach, characterized by a marked tendency to transgress various genres
and media.

He experiments and develops new possibilities for sensing and expressing
philosophical views and artistic ideologies.

His pioneering and prize awarded crossover, interactive art-book project
Affected As Only A Human Being Can Be (2010), has been exhibited and
performed last year at Liebig12 Berlin.

         more under: nicelittlestatic.com/about , konradkorabiewski.blog.com




*OLAF HOCHHERZ & SEIJI MORIMOTO *Duo (electronics/feedback)

*SEIJI MORIMOTO & NICOLAS WIESE *Duo (electronics/feedback)

*OLAF HOCHHERZ & NICOLAS WIESE *Duo (electronics/feedback)

*Nicolas Wiese*, born 1976, is an audiovisual artist, graphic designer and
electroacoustic musician also know for his activity as curator at Quiet Cue
in Berlin.
Exploring spatial/temporal perception,the deconstruction/reconstruction of
found and collected material from everyday life and the relationship
between their specific context and his mass mediatic re-location, Nicolas
has been already working as artists in Residence at Liebig12 reconfiguring
the space qualities under extremely suggestive aspects.

*Seiji Morimoto,* born in Tokyo 1971, studied musicology at the Kunitachi
College of Music and specialized in John Cage´s electronic compositions

 while developing his own sound sound performances, installations and
multiple collaborations.

Seiji has been guest at Liebig12 last march developing a performative site
specific installation with artist Makoto Oshiro.

*Olaf Hochherz*,born 1981 in Wuppertal/Germany.

Parallel to the education in composition he started to improvise with self
build electronic instruments focussing in unstable systems. His goal is not
to control a technical aperture but to create associatives fields within
the effects acoustic activity has, relating to specific environments their
electric and magnetic conditions and the instruments.

more under: *nicolaswiese.com <http://nicolaswiese.com/> , *
seijimorimoto.com <http://www.seijimorimoto.com/> , *hochherz.klingt.org/




*XUPSTAR* - performative lecture

a collaborative platform for music and performance art based in New York
City and co-founded by artist *Patrick Monte* and composer/bassist *Brian
Questa*. XUPSTAR has developed work in several media centered around ideas
of endur- ance, constraint, and attention span.

XUPSTAR’s composition process uses non-stop long-form improvisation as a
generative source of musical material that undergoes digital restructuring
and recombination for multi-channel sound works, film scores, and

In June 2014, XUPSTAR’s multi-channel electroacous- tic music
composition *“CIRCULAR
SMELLS”* will premiere at *C60 Collaboratorium in Berlin* during the
presentation of *USAP (Urban Solar Audio Plant)*, a 12-channel, solar

WI-FI controlled sound installation for urban spaces.

A performative lecture at Liebig12 will illustrate this piece and their
general artistic approach, moderated by *Edwin Cotton*, american singer and
friend based in Hamburg.

*Patrick Monte* is an interdisciplinary artist, multi-instrumentalist, and
composer born and raised in Queens, NY. His previous work spans a range of
media including photography, video, installation, sound, and performance
and has explored issues including the impacts of technology on
subjectivity, social disconnectedness, and obsolescence.

*Brian Questa* is a New York native avant-garde bassist and composer.

*DOUG VAN NORT *- performance

is an experimental musician and sound artist/researcher.

His instruments are self-made and idiosyncratic systems that explore a
sculptural approach working with sound, and improvisation in partnership
with machine processes.

Recent projects have spanned telematic music compositions, transforming an
elevator into an electroacoustic sculpture, interactive textiles, creating
+ performing with machine listening+improvising systems, interactive music
composition for a dance piece based on muscle sound, and performing
sonified data streams from NASA’s Kepler mission.

More under: www.xupstar.com , *http://dvntsea.weebly.com/


Liebigstrasse 12 / 10247 / Berlin
liebig12.net <http://www.liebig12.net/> & facebook.com/Liebig12

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