[resource-net] Next reSource meeting @ Liebig12

liebig zwoelfe liebigzwoelfe at gmail.com
Tue May 20 16:03:25 CEST 2014

Hello precious reSourcers!

At the last meeting in ArtLaboratory Berlin we have been proposing the next
meeting at Liebig12 but my email regarding the date has been lost in the

I have been quiet busy myself and just now I realized that the dates has
not been confirmed!

Originally we have been thinking on the 26.05 as a possible one!

So again, what about  --- MONDAY 26.5 at 6pm?...timing can be moved back or

Ill prepare some juicy drinks and maybe we can together some finger food
--- any spontaneous gesture will be welcome!

Unfortunately I have´nt been able to prepare a sketch as discussion´s
leader but I think would be very punctual this time to have the organizers
of transmediale/resource to understand future plans and initiatives as the
upcoming "Magical Secrecy Tour" on the 5th of june that seems a perfect
exemple to discuss within a reSource meeting!

Many times we have been thinking on possible events that would represent
the network  beside the Vorspiel and this seems to be a very good attempt!

We could start from this sentence:

" if you think that the future of the transmediale reSource events have
been somewhat shrouded in mystery, it is because we have been indeed at
work in the shadows."

We can also think to move the meeting in June after this happening and I
would propose:


By the way --- Im also going to send out my regular & chaotic event
newsletter soon always a pleasure to have u around anytime!

Best // Allegra & Liebig12
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