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April reSource meeting,
Tuesday April 29th at 18.30, Art Laboratory Berlin,
Prinzenallee 34
Participants: 11 (+ Art Laboratory's staff)
Duration: 18.30-21.00
The April's
reSource meeting started with an introduction, mostly meant for newcomers,
explaining what Art Laboratory Berlin is, what are it's interests, main focus
etc. Also an introduction to reSource, Furthermore about a year ago for the
purpose of exchanging ideas and collaborating, web page TBABerlin.de was
followed short presentation of each participant. Attendees were: Helena (webs
designer and artist) , Desiree (free curator), Sarah (biologist), Philip
(electrical engineer), Rudiger (biologist), Tatjana (curator), Manuela
(curator), Johann (biology student, IGEM team TU), Stephan (free curator), Gaia/
Allegra (runs project space Liebig 12), Elena (artist, programmer), Erika (runs
Panke), Paolo (Tactical Media artist).
On the third part
focus was on future development of reSource in the future (2014-2015),
especially emphasizing what are needs, gaps and desires. One of the idea was
that collaboration of galleries would be carried out in different space, each
time in a different space; the concept of rotation. The other idea was to
create some kind of working office, where everybody could work together. Also
the need for a working space (with laboratory) for at least one year, was
presented. The formation of working groups (TBA website - editorial group; a
possible Tactical media group).
Considering TBA ,discussed
topics were: promotion of TBA with stickers, question how to organize web
page, how artists would use it, question of relevance of web (specialized)
articles, etc. Also the question of reSource emailing list was discussed,
either expand it with contents or not. The participants agreed that current
version is working adequately.
Last discussed
topic was the content: what is the situation of bio art in Berlin, and
problematics of of curating bio art - a discussion between Chris and Desiree
with Sarah also taking part. 
At the very end
question of a content section for next meeting was discussed, also where the
next meeting would be. The May reSource meeting will take place at Liebig 12 in
Friedrichshain, Gaia to send further information.

-KG& CdL/ Art Laboratory Berlin

Christian de Lutz 
Prinzenallee 34
13359 Berlin

office/ post address:
Nostitzstrasse 12 
10961 Berlin 
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