[resource-net] reSource meeting: Follow up + Notes

Michelle O'Brien michelle at supermarkt-berlin.net
Thu Mar 27 12:53:55 CET 2014

Hello reSource!

Thanks to everyone who made it to the meeting last night. I found the 
free-form discussion especially interesting considering most events we 
curate at SUPERMARKT are highly facilitated. Below are a few notes from 
the discussion. To any others who were present: you are encouraged to 
make comment.

A personal aside, despite the fact some reSource meetings and 
conversations may on the surface feel more "progressive" than others, I 
think this network is an important part of Berlin's media & tech-based 
art and cultural landscape with a very interesting group of engaged 
participants. I'm happy to be a part of it, and its evolution.

- -

*reSource meeting // Minutes*

*Questions for discussion prompter*

  * How is the reSource currently evolving as a network and how would
    you like to see it evolve into the future?
  * How would you or your organisation like to contribute to the
    reSource network?
  * How can the reSource network, as a communal resource, best foster
    space and opportunities for collaboration?


  * Welcome from SUPERMARKT
  * Tatiana presents a recap of past activities of reSource network and
    her changing role, plus her new role at The Wye
  * Personal introductions: max 30 secs each person

*Politicising the Network*

  * Should we seek union strength, political power, a common voice?
  * Strategic partnerships could be beneficial for the reSource
  * Other non-commercial networks include Haben und Brauchen
    (www.habenundbrauchen.de) and Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume
    und -initiativen (www.projektraeume-berlin.net/)
  * reSource network on the other hand has a curatorial, critical and
    aesthetic criteria beyond these networks. There are synergies
    between us but we're not the same. We execute discussions into a
    curatorial framework. Perhaps we should attend eachothers meetings?
  * We all deal with precarious cultural politics surrounding network
    continue. e.g. Kotti & Co. and their focus on gentrification issues
    in Xberg, and the dreaded issue of funding
  * This (political/activist) work can be exhausting, but is there a
    need for politicising issues above and beyond the exhibition space?

*Meetings agendas and formats: necessary evils?**

  * Do we need an agenda for meetings? It's dependent on space and
    important to mix it up each month. This is an organic part of the
    reSource format/process
  * Mailing list: let's use it! Discussion beyond meetings on the
    mailing list could be beneficial
  * Each meeting host/venue in it's own style, but it needs to keep the
    needs of network in mind during meetings
  * Agendas for future meetings could be based on host venue. What
    issues and themes are we currently BURNING for? What projects and
    curatorial themes are we currently working on/with? What lies at the
    nexus of our work and therefore defines this network?
  * Format of the meetings could be decided through the mailing list or
    through affinities based on people in attendance and specific host
  * We could focus on what each space is working on and link to
    practices, connecting spaces on different themes

*Identity issues**? Embrace the schizoid*

  * Platforms of reSource network: mailing list, monthly meet up,
    reSource page on transmediale website, plus TBA website (as break
  * The TBA website (working group that came from reSource) is a
    platform that's already running, but not currently being utilised:
    http://www.tbaberlin.de/ > traffic and participation are currently
    very low
  * Identity issues of network! TBA (technology based art network)?
    reSource network? transmediale? Schizoid nature is apparent! Embrace it?
  * How is transmediale going to proceed with the reSource for
    transmedial culture? Continued events throughout year? Vorspiel?
    Other initiatves?

*Content is key*

  * In terms of a web platform and exposure to a larger audiences,
    journalistic and content creation effort required to gain exposure,
    funding and growth
  * Members must be activated to use this platform but above all,
    in-depth editorial content is needed
  * How do you create participation? Content first, then participation!
  * Working groups needed again for sourcing/producing content for web

*reSource as network art*

  * Can a network evolve, grow and progress with no 'leader'?
  * A flat-hierarchy network can successful be 'curated' for periods of
    time via mailing list, e.g. ideas for next reSource meeting could
    start now via mailing list
  * Baruch then compared the reSource to a network art performance
    process (in a more poetic way than these notes do justice)
  * Are these free-form meetings beneficial to the network? Some
    newcomers say no. Some reSource regulars say yes. Verdict: hosted
    meetings are necessary every now and then, combined with structured
    and curated events at other times
  * Should the reSource network stay Berlin specific or create
    international ties to similar networks/initiatives? Depends on the
    aim of the network. Is the aim to gain funding from Berlin bodies,
    or gaining international attention/recognition? This is still not
  * reSource network has achieved a lot - filled gaps in media art
    landscape, met every month for almost 2 years - but we need to be
    more focused with more specific goals for future, and solve some
    identity issues

*Newcomer love*

  * Final comment from guest: perhaps for future meetings we need a
    'slot' for artists and newcomers to the network to give a short
    'pitch', introducing themselves and their work, otherwise it is
    difficult for newcomers to actively engage with a logistical
    discussion about the evolution of the network
  * Group agrees: the meetings must remain open to newcomers and give
    them space for contribution


Michelle O'Brien
Programme Co-curator & Creative Producer

Brunnenstr 64, 13355 Berlin
+49 1577 656 7378

michelle at supermarkt-berlin.net

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