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reboot.fm - Free Artists RadioArt, Discourse & Electronic Music from
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reboot.fm - Freies Künstlerradio
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reboot.fm is proud to present and cooperate with the Transmediale Festival
and the CTM Festival in 2014! Tune in to 88.4 FM in Berlin the stream or
our podcasts on soundcloud!


/// Transmediale  Festival - Afterglow /// 01.29-02.02
The revolution is over. Welcome to the afterglow.

Post-digital Survival in the Creative City / Thu 30.1. 12:30-14:00h

With: Anne Roth - Tactical Tech / Pit Schultz - reboot.fm / Sara Lehn -
remote CNTRL / Florian Wüst - Haben & Brauchen / János Sugár - Intermedia /
RYBN.ORG / Tashy Endres - Kotti & Co. /
Moderated by Kay Meseberg - ARTE/

>From dark nets to kiez nets, artists and activists work and think locally:
defending their home zones in terms of rent, net access, privacy and
politics. An international working panel explores how going local is the
new global trend and looks at the dark side of the myths of the creative
city. How do these groups make and work with media - secure networks,
blogs, radio, press, design - as part of the initiative?


After the revolution(s): Internet freedoms and the post-digital twilight
Thu, 30.1. 17:00 -18:30

With Olof Ehrencrona / Rasmus Fleischer / Frank Rieger / Geraldine Juarez /
Moderated by Kristoffer Gansing

This panel looks at the joints and gaps between the worlds of Internet
policy and the user driven as well as creativity driven cultures where much
of our post-digital lives are simulatenously lived, stored and controlled.
Presented by reboot.fm in cooperation with Transmediale and the Swedish


/// CTM FESTIVAL // DIS-CONTINUITY /// 01.24-02.02

reboot.fm is proud to be a programm partner of the 15th CTM Festival for
Adventurous Music & Art. Ten days of outstanding international experimental
and electronic music and audiovisual performance, as well as social and
technical developments in music culture in panels, screenings and



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