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01.03.2014 // *TRANS E MISSIONS (DREI DUOS)* //

doors 7pm / performances start 8pm SHARP

A trans- sonic & trans- geographic event, shaped by de - interlacing
performances of paired artists such as:

*SEIJI MORIMOTO & MAKOTO OSHIRO *- self electronics

*seiji morimoto* tokyo 1971, musicology kunitachi college of music,
electronic pieces john cage sound performances, installations,videos.
2003berlin,international festivals uncertain acoustic appearances usual
objects,water stones, tech medium. with takehisa kosugi, keitetsu murai,
olivier di placido, francesco cavaliere, olaf hochherz, rius van alebeek,
ignaz schick, luciano maggiore, crys cole, felicity mangan, alessandra
eramo, nicolas wiese, kakawaka, seijiro murayama, jamie drouin, hannes
lingens, johnny chang, katsura yamauchi and many others.more under:

*makoto oshiro* performer installation artist tokyo, japan. sound, other
elements light, electricity movement objects. live performances, self-made
tools instruments electronic devices, every day materials junk. sound
physical auditory phenomena, interlocks / interferes & mediums.more under:

*PIERCE WARNECKE & KRIS LIMBACH *- field re recordings

*kris lim-bach*'s sound ap-p-lied physics film- edit-ing tech-ni-ques film
sound aest-he-tics "be-gin_ if _ ()" pro-ject (upcoming release of begin
_if_ (3) at agxivatein in spring) live per-for-man-ces.
on la-bels such as ri-chard garet's con-tour edi-ti-ons,
staal-ta-pe,mo-dis-ti, frame-work radio and more.with pierce war-ne-cke the
emit-ter micro fes-ti-val and label.more under: www.krislimbach.com

*pierce warnecke* is a sound and video artist berklee college of music
meisterschüler studies udk kunst und medien. audiovisual installations,
performances pieces. emitter micro festival and label with kris limbach.
kw institut, leap, feed, harvestworks (ny), luggage store gallery (sf),
berklee (boston), calarts (la) festivals zero1 biennale, transmediale
vorspiele, bozart/beaf (brussels), madeiradig, nuits sonores, boston
cyberarts, visionsonic, pixelache, vidéoformes, sxsw interactive and more
khalija, staaltape, gaffer records, attenuation circuit gruenrekorder.

more under: www.piercewarnecke.blogspot.com , www.piercewarnecke.com

*PAUL ROTH & IAN DOUGLAS-MOORE *- saxophone guitar

mediumloud noise music for saxophone/guitar.
soundwalls that process textural distortions, microtonal manipulations, and
other sound curiosities.
improviser, composer, alto saxophonist paul n roth, p roth, paul nicholas
roth, pnrIII, p3, nicholas p roth/// working through
more under: www.soundcloud.com/id-m/paul-roth-ian-douglas-moore ,


UPCOMING WORKSHOPS at Liebig 12, Berlin:

*12.13.16 / 05 / 2014*  with *Yuri Landman*

*MAY Monday 12th HOME SWINGER Workshop*
The Home Swinger is a 12 string electric string instrument.
Yuri Landman presents a 4 hour long Do-It-Yourself workshop whereby
participants will leave with a finished Home Swinger instrument as well as
a strong understanding of its structure and workings. The difficult
soldering part will be taken care of by Yuri. Participants require no
special skills and the difficulty of the process has been compared to
building a piece of IKEA furniture!
In advance of the workshop Yuri will prepare the component parts of the
instrument for the participant to use in construction. These include: 4
pieces of ready shaped wood in the required sizes and predrilled with
holes, easy to employ machine heads for the strings, one pickup (good
quality, equal to Fender), an on/off switch, a jack output, a few screws,
bolts and nuts and some metal for the bridges, as well as two sets of

The participants pay for their own materials.

Each workshop is limited to 16 persons.

Duration of the workshop is approximately four hours.

Artists who own a Home Swinger are Micachu, The Luyas, These Are Powers,
David Holmes, A Place To Bury Strangers, Ice, Sea, Dead People, The
Go!-Team, Action Beat, Jay Malhotra (Kate Nash), We vs. Death, Zoppo,
Thread Pulls, Signe Tollefsen, Susies Haarlok, Kapitan Korsakov, At No
Bikini Beach, Jad Fair, DAAU, Ex-Easter Island Head, Foot Village and Wu

NEW: The Double Swinger. A 24 string two octave deluxe version. Stereo
output, that can be switched mono as well.

*MAY Tuesday 13th KALIMBA Workshop *
The Quickstep Kalimba Workshop features an electric version of an African
instrument called Kalimba. This electric variant is handy to plug in any
amp and to use at live performances. The tuning is adapted to the 12 tone
common in Western music, but can be adapted to the traditional tunings as
well if desired.

Initially the Quickstep only had the 12 rods, in the up dated 2.0 version
these rods have enlarged tailes that also can be plucked near the bridge
and cause sounds remniscent of church bells.

The Quickstep Kalimba is based on the electric kalimbas built by Konono
No.1 from Democratic Republic of the Congo and the kalimbas of the band
Neptune from Boston.

The participants pay for their own materials.

Each workshop is limited to 16 persons.
Duration of the workshop is approximately four hours.

*MAY Friday 16th WHITE EAGLE / STRATERASER Workshop *
The White Eagle is a tailed bridge guitar, which means there's an
additional amplified string field in the tail behind the bridge of the

The instrument has two pickups. It can be used as a regular electric guitar
when played mono on the normal bridge pickup. Behind the bridge there is an
additional pickup.
It's a stereo instrument and creates a beautiful audio spectrum at
recording sessions when two amps are being used. A switch can change the
stereo signal in a mono set up. More practical for live situations,
amplifying both sections.
The string length of the tail section has a 1:4 ratio to the open string on
the guitar section, causing bright overtones two octaves higher than the
open string. On harmonic fret positions (5th, 7th, 12th, 19th, etc.) the
tail area gives a beautiful humming harmonic overtone. On lesser consonant
positions such as the 6th fret for instance, the resonance is more muted.
With alternate tunings you can arrange desired harmonic resonances on
specific notes.

The participants pay for their own materials.

Each workshop is limited to 8 persons.

Duration of the workshop is approximately four hours.

Dutch electro artist Rude 66 (Bunker Records), Sam Dook (The Go-Team), Rhys
Chatham and the two guitar players of The Van Jets (Belgium) own copies of
the White Eagle Tailed Bridge Guitar.

*Soon more accurate info!*

Liebigstrasse 12 / 10247 / Berlin
*liebig12.net <http://liebig12.net/>*

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