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Thu Feb 6 15:00:29 CET 2014

Hi Tati,

Thx for all your amazing work !!!
I think you took the TM to whole new levels of gLocal and engaged !
This year was probably some of the most challenging programs i've
experienced at HKW !

Looking fwd to collab-ing on where - We - go from here !



> Dear reSource community,
> after transmediale and Vorspiel 2014 I would like to thank all of you,
> for the activities you have done during our pre-festival events and for
> the whole great experiences we shared in the past (almost) three years.
> Many of you have probably heard the news of me leaving the festival
> team, and some were perhaps attending the last conference event at
> transmediale where we "formally" announced that, and I was greeted with
> some beautiful flowers and a curatorial approval certificate from the
> Black Market :)
> To be an active curator of the transmediale festival and to hold the
> great responsibility to develop the reSource initiative has been a very
> important experience for me.
> I learned a lot from all of you, and I would like to thank you for
> believing in this project and making it develop with a lot of ideas,
> support and engagement.
> I am leaving the festival team at the end of this month to start new
> adventures, but I am not living the city. I will be still around and
> glad to keep working together and collectively reflect on the subjects
> that we care about. We need to make our presence stronger in the city
> culture and politics, and the themes we have been working on until now
> need to be further developed.
> The reSource initiative will go on, and it will be up to the colleagues
> that will be part of the transmediale team to decide the future
> modalities.
> For sure you will be informed, as soon as we will all re-emerge from the
> post-festival afterglow :), but the intention to keep a dialogue between
> the transmediale festival and the local Berlin scene won't stop.
> I am planning to write a text of reflection on the reSource experience
> from its beginning until now, and also to share some considerations are
> results with all of you.
> In the meanwhile and after, I hope people will feel free to meet and
> host the regular reSource meetings autonomously: the reSource-net
> mailing list will be still running for everyone. I think the network is
> mature enough to make it happen and of course I will always be there
> with you to engage in great sharing and discussions, and keep
> collaborating.
> I thank you again for this great experience, and for the passion that
> you put in your daily life activity, making this city more interesting,
> alive and exciting.
and I look forward to being with you within the network and beyond my
> institutional role :)
> See you soon,
> Tatiana
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