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Labor neunzehn @ Vorspiel 2015 presents:

From Field Recording to Data Sonification in Late Capitalism
exhibition from 10. January 2015 to 27. January 2015

Data analysis has become an everyday affair in the cultural logic of late capitalism. Not only in terms of applied science, but overall socially, aesthetically and individually as well. The uncritical acceptance of the use of game mechanics in digital life is quickly turning into the most convenient method of collecting data, and finally a second nature. Nonetheless, while the visual rendering and the exposure to pictures or symbols are an ordinary fact, the perception of sound as a tool for auditory display and recognition remains much less common.
Labor Neunzehn presents an exhibition, which focuses on the practices of collecting informations by means of sound. A shortlist of works dealing with sonification, audification and field recording techniques for the exploration of data, global imbalances, climate change, and cultural shifting.

Andrea Polli / James Wyness / Asad Ismi & Kristine Schwarz
Luke Twyman / Brian House / Peter Cusack
Stephen Vitiello / Félix Blume
+ Online exhibit / Internet research station

Labor Neunzehn, Kiefholzstr. 19 – 12435 D-Berlin

Opening: 10.1. 14:00 - 18:00
daily opening calendar: 11.1. – 27.1. 14:00-18:00
This exhibition is a part of Transmediale Vorspiel 2015 programme

Labor neunzehn
info at laborneunzehn.org
Kiefholzstr. 19/20, 12435 Berlin 

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