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Liebig12 @ Vorspiel 2015 presents:

*NOT ATOLL *is a wordplay between german and english words / meanings /
spelling. A Misunderstanding.
An interactive field of intuitions.
A vanishing answer to Capture All Systems.
The Need / Urge for it (and its Negation)


*10.01.2015 // 7.30pm sharp*

Multimedia performance based on the Journal of Robert Falcon Scott (Royal
Navy Officer and explorer known for his fatal expedition to the South Pole
in 1910).
The Journals give an insight into the hazardous quest of the Terra Nova
Expedition ending with Scotts last entry, reading > Would we stay alive, i
would have a lot of stories to tell.
The piece neglects the idea of a stringent narration, offers variance of
realities, questioning a past, a present, a future.
What is and what has been. What hasn't and where.
Where did we get lost.

Performed by
*Christoph Szalay* (Text)
*Therese Stroetges & Roberta Busechian *(Sound)
*Antonia Cattan* (Video)


*12 - 15. 01.2015 // Open everyday 5 - 9pm UNTITLED (12 SECTIONS FOR DF)*
*Jamie Drouin*’s sound installation uses two identical high frequency sine
tones in the left & right speakers with variable oscillation rates to
create twelve distinct sculptural ‘shapes’ through their shifting
The combination of high frequencies, and relatively low overall volume,
places these shapes just on the edge of perception. Even during passages of
complete silence the latent effect of the pitches still colour the
listening experience.


with *Pedro Lopes*

How do we feel when controlled by machines?
Reversing the traditional concept of humans on top of machines, we will
experience the loss of control, the feeling of being captured.
For such, we will build simple electrical muscle stimulation units using
open source electronics and connect them to our ideas: musical
performances, interactive devices, or to support a pure living machine.
Your choice.

*Sat 17*
*11am – 7pm* building hardware & developing ideas (break for lunch,
decompression, etc) If participants feel they need more assistance we can
stay later than 9pm.

*Sun 1811am – 5pm* developing performances (break for lunch, decompression)
*Sunday 18, 7pm*: public performances

Max 12 Participants // For detailed infos & to participate see:


*20.01.2014 // from 7pmPHANTOM SUNS*
Performance/Installation by *Doron Sadja*
Inspired by the optical phenomenon in which two false suns appear due to
ice crystals in the atmosphere, Phantom Suns is a performance installation
engaging the ephemerality and sensuality of light/sound through systems of
refraction and interaction.

Immersed in a completely enveloping landscape, the audience is invited to
move freely through a heavy fog punctuated by a shimmering architecture of
light beams and fractured noise. Phantom Suns contains pulsating and
stroboscopic light and is not recommended for people with light


*22 – 25. 01.2014 // Opening 22.01.2014 // 8pmSPHERES OF ACTION*Site
Specific Installation by *Jana Linke*
Following days open 3 – 7 pm

Vorspiel 2015 is promoted by
Vorspiel 2015 will begin with a joint opening event on *9 January, 19:00 at
ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik*. On this occasion, many of the
participating venues will introduce themselves in an informal, social
context and communicate first-hand information about the upcoming
programme. Join us for this great opportunity to meet some of the most
exciting participants in Berlin’s rich digital art and sound culture! We
look forward to seeing you there. Please have a closer look at the Vorspiel
2015 programme here

Liebigstrasse 12
10247 Berlin
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