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I hope its not too off topic or geographically out of Berlin.
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MuseRuole: Radio Edition
by Valeria Merlini (aka JD Zazie)

June 5th
Museion Passage - Museum of modern and contemporary art Bolzano
Via Dante Strasse 6  39100 Bolzano / Bozen - IT

June 7th -30th
Museo delle donne / Frauenmuseum

Via Mainardo/Meinhardstr.2
39012 Merano/Meran - IT

Podcasts and broadcasts with reboot.fm Berlin and a special on the
international radio art network, radia.fm.

MuseRuole is a festival dedicated to experimental music and puts
contemporary female musicians and performers at its centre. It is a
journey of discovery into the wide world of current musical research,
looking for specifically female modes of expression, with its own
grammar and personal style. This year (2013) we focus on the theme of
radio as a space for musical research and a medium of technological
innovation, including notions of sending and receiving in equal

Even today radio is an important method of communication: it remains
one of the most powerful, cheapest, accessible and world spanning of
media. Despite its long history and being one of the first mass media
of the last century, radio has always been able to renew itself,
adapting to changing realities and remaining in step with the future.
And so radio is an instrument of disseminating knowledge as well as a
research space for new technologies and formats: as a global platform
it offers the possibility to develop innovative networks and ways to

MuseRuole: Radio Edition will give an overview of all the sound works
presented during  this edition. You will listen to excerpts taken from
the four commissioned works realized by Heidrun Schramm (DE), Stini
Arn (CH), Felicity Ford (UK) and Diana McCarty (US/DE) and to the
audio works by the participants of the open call On The Air.

For more information, please check details and listen to the audio
tracks on the website:

All the sound works will be available on the website from June the 5th 2013.
I hope you will like the show.

Contact: MuseRuole (at) yahoo.it

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