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Stefan Höppe stefanhoeppe at hotmail.de
Tue May 14 19:08:29 CEST 2013

unfortunately, i also have another obligation today.
but I'm looking forward to be updated about the discussion.
Best wishes to all of you

Stefan Höppe

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Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 19:01:33 +0200
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Subject: Re: [resource-net] 6th Meeting&Roundtable//Berlin's  Collective

Im sorry...I cant make either!
Please keep us updated about what has been discussed!
best Liebig12
On 14/mag/2013, at 18:17, Art Claims Impulse wrote:
    Dear Friends,


      unfortunately were in the middle of preparing an upcoming curation
      and can't come tonight. Enjoy the meeting! 


      Looking forward to see you soon.


      Pierre & Melanie


      Art Claims Impulse






      Am 18.02.13 10:34, schrieb Goksu Kunak:


        As you already know the 6th meeting will take place at
          Apartment Project Berlin this Tuesday. Looking forward to meet
          you all and discuss about the main topics of this meeting.

        We would be so glad if you could confirm your attendance. 

        Kind regards,
        Apartment Project Berlin Team

                      Apartment Project Berlin
                        is pleased to announce the 6th Meeting &
                        Roundtable of Berlin’s [resource-net]


                        In order to discuss, generate new ideas and talk
                        about possible synergies between project spaces,
                        initiatives and curators focusing on media art
                        in Berlin, roundtable meetings have been held
                        with the support of transmediale and reSource.
                        Previous meetings were hosted by Panke, Art
                        Laboratory Berlin, Liebig 12, SUPERMARKT and


                        The possibility of a platform and probable
                        workshops, events and future projects
                          dealing with media art and their relation with
                          the city of Berlin as well as fundraising and
                          PR strategies will be the main headlines of
                          the 6th Meeting on February 19th Tuesday at
                          Apartment Project Berlin.


                          Apartment Project Berlin



                          Hertzbergstrasse 13 


                          Neukölln Berlin









            Contemporary Fine Arts

            Wolter & Zagrean GbR

            Lübbener Str. 5 

            10997 Berlin



            E-Mail:info at art-claims-impulse.com



          ART CLAIMS IMPULSE is a
              gallery specialised in video-, performance- multi-media
              art and installations. 

              We are interested in art pieces that follow an uncommon
              approach, that are innovative in terms of content, 

              technique, or aesthetics, and that stimulate discourses.


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