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Dear reSource.
One more reminder about the upcomin exhibition

Performance art from Taiwan

Tonight 7pm is the Opening at Statt Berlin / Lottumstrasse 1 / 10119 Berlin

>From tomorrow and until the 31st of May you can visit the exhibition at
every thursday/friday/saturday from 2pm until 6pm


*Liebig12 participates to

*Month of Performance Art Berlin <http://www.mpa-b.org/news.html>*

*hosting the following exhibition (in cooperation with other venues as
well) & a related 2 days performative artist talk:*

*(CON)TEMPORARY SPACE -TIME  <http://taiwan-space-time.tk/>

*curated by Yun-Ting Hung, Lan Hung, I-Chen Tsou*

*王墨林 Wang Mo-Lin**陳永賢 Chen Yung-hsien**劉秋兒 Leo Liu**鄭詩雋 Cheng Shih-chun*

*鄭詩雋 Cheng Shih-chun**湯皇珍 Tang Huang-Chen*
*林其蔚 Lin Chi-Wei**瓦旦.塢瑪 Watan Wuma*
*蘇宇燊 Su Yu-Shen*
*吳逸中 Effie Wu**Anya Liftig**Valerie Kuehne**Brian McCorkle & Esther
Neff(Panoply Performance Lab)

Shifting time, dislodgeble space and static body, these three states
transmit and reflect the need of performance art for acting as mist and dew
or lightning.
The exhibition (CON)TEMPORARY SPACE-TIME intends to present a temporal
coexistence with history, which is ‘a concept of multi side streams outside
historical context’, that is generated from how the character of art and
body in demand is positioned and interpreted.

In the special historical background, the context of performance art in
Taiwan can be separated into three parts: first, 1980-1990 before and after
Abolishing Martial Law - the ironic and judgmental reflection on political
and social
situation; second, 1990-2000 - body and life - the extreme test on body and
relationship between art and life; third, after 2000 - the flourishing of
video - the relationship between body and video. The exhibition includes 16
artists and 24 artworks according to the above three sections.

The exhibition intends to present the diverse relationships
between body and religious, Zen, civilisation, nature, social interaction
and confronting repression and additionally shows how Taiwanese
performance/action artists grow a unique performance/act art contextual
brook with historical torrent.

The organiser 'Month of Performance Art in Berlin' (shorten as MPA-B) is
going to its third year in May 2013. MPA-B is founded by Berlin local
artists and is the new and the biggest performance art event that mainly
presents experimental,
innovating and exploring performance art. Taiwanese curators Yun
Ting-Hung、Lan and I Chen Tsou are invited to organise the exhibition
'(CON)TEMPORARY SPACE-TIME' that focuses and presents on Taiwanese
performance/action art in Berlin - the new capital of art.
The reception will be hold in Stattberlin Art Space in the 10th of May 2013.

(CON)TEMPORARY SPACE-TIME invites artists and works including ‘Power Loss
No.3’ by Chen Chieh-Jen, ‘I Go Traveling X/ An Epitaph—Finale’ by Tang
Huang-Chen, ‘Three Ways of Living in Time’ by Kao Jun-Honn, ‘The Invisible
City series’ by Tsui Kuang-Yu, ‘Art as Environment – A Cultural Action at
the Plum Tree Creek’ by Wu Ma-Li, ‘Standing in the Tide’ and ‘Sitting in
the Tide’ by Chen Yung-Hsien, ‘Recover Mainland China’ by Yao Jui-Chung,
‘Walking School’ by Leo Liu, ‘The Classroom of Teror’ by Wang Mo-Lin and
live performing artists including Shih-Chun Cheng, Liang Ya-Hui, Lin Chi
Wei, Ye Yu-Jun, Effie Wu, Fu Ta-Wen, Su Yu-Shen.

For more information about the program and relate venues, please visit :

*SATURDAY 25 &  SUNDAY 26th – 5 until 11pm*


*Catriona Robertson  <http://www.catrionarobertson.co.uk/>with Liebig12 &
Lan Hung  <http://lanhungh.blogspot.com/>**invite the artists*

*of (CON)TEMPORARY SPACE -TIME  <http://taiwan-space-time.tk/>  to be
interviewed at*
*! L I V E A R T R E V I E W ! <http://liveartreview.blogspot.de/>*

*LievArtReview is a performative review on contemporary art practices that
challenge the performative qualities of  a talk.*
*The firs edition happened in December 2011 as a project of artist Catriona
Roberston & Liebig12.*

*performing critics/interviewers:*

*Stefania Angelini*
*Jörn J. Burmester*
*Márcio Carvalho*
*Tiny Domingos*
*Lan Hungh*
*Cat Robertson*
*Francesca Romana Ciardi*



Liebigstrasse 12 / 10247 berlin

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