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Mon Jun 24 23:01:56 CEST 2013

Dear reSourcers, 
maybe Doodle can help us finding a date. Just set a poll here: http://www.doodle.com/95u2ecusbew9y7hc 
Erika: Panke terrace sounds like the perfect spot for a summer night meetup! 
All best 

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Dear resource, 

for me the best would be to meet not on tue, wedn or thursday....So it would be great to consider having the next meeting either 1/5/8 th of july! 

Kind regards 

2013/6/24 Erika . < erika at ore.lt > 

Dear all, 

Panke is opened for the meeting too. Anytime! 
We also could organize meeting in our terrace outside, 
Supermarkt klingt gut too. 
See you very soon 
I wish everybody a nice week 

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 5:52 PM, Manuela Benetton < manuela.benetton at gmail.com > wrote: 

Dear All, 

I also think that meeting after the workshop at Supermarkt on july 3rd is a good idea, also easier to organize? 


2013/6/24 Tatiana Bazzichelli < tbazz at transmediale.de > 

Dear all, 

going back to the idea of the meeting in July, it looks that the upcoming week is busy for many of us. The idea of Ela of a meeting after the event as Supermarkt is very nice (I will be in Lüneburg for my research on Mon-Wed next week), but of course everyone is welcome to meet also without me :) 
There was the proposal of Gaia to meet in the park on Sunday but many of the spaces will be busy in the weekend...so I guess that the reSource pic-nic needs to wait! 

I am going away next Sunday and I will be back on July 29. We are going to propose a reSource network meeting in August (date will follow), so I leave to you the arrangement of something in July :) - if people like/want. 

--- please, remember also the next reSource 006 event scheduled on September 12-13-14 at Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien. More about that soon... 

If we do not meet before, have a great July and see you in August! 



On 19/06/2013 13:27, Ela Kagel wrote: 

hi reSource people, 
i will be on holiday from July 7th on... 
but either way, i am sure it will get a bit more difficult this time to get everyone together with the holiday season just starting. 
another suggestion: there will be a workshop hosted by transmediale on wednesday, july 3rd at SUPERMARKT. we could also go to a park right after the workshop and take everyone who is interested with us...just an idea. 
in case i won't make it to the next meeting: have a great summer holiday everyone! 
all best 

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During the week is great! 
For exemple the 7th of July, a sunday, is also my birthday (that I never celebrated in a planned way...actually;) 
I would be happy to keep the birthday mood celebrating the one year reSource meeting picnicking together!.. from monday 8th is also goood ///but please before the 17th of July!...where?..I would love to be close to the water..anywhere but with water! 

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Art Laboratory Berlin is holding a conference on the 5th and 6th of July: http://www.artlaboratory- berlin.org/html/eng-event-17. htm 

Why not meet during the week 

Christian de Lutz 
Prinzenallee 34 
13359 Berlin 

office/ post address: 
Nostitzstrasse 12 
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Dear all, 

the photos of the last reSource network meeting at Public Art Lab are on 
the reSource's blog home: 
http://www.transmediale.de/ resource 

I was not there because of the Brazilian travel, so I am not sure about 
the proposals for the next reSource network meeting. I heard that the 
idea was to meet in a park and for this time not to have a specific 
host, right? 
Here at transmediale some of us will be traveling the month of July - I 
am personally away from July 7 to 28. 

Are there already some ideas of dates? I was actually thinking that in 
July it will be 1 year from the meeting at Panke in which we decided to 
have the monthly network meetings. Maybe we could celebrate that :) 

Perhaps we could meet in the first weekend of July before the holidays! 
What about on Friday July 5 in a nice spot? Ideas? 

All the best! :) 


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