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*Hallo reSource people!
Last appointment at Liebig12 before summer pause.

I wish you a sunny summer and would be great to see you again on

MONDAY 24TH JUNE from 7pm


Vernissage / Soundinstallation / Record Release

"Eselsbrücke" is a collection of 10 pieces of computer music, composed and
recorded in Berlin over a period of 6 months...
As a starting point, let us remind ourselves that the Ancient Greek
philosophers, Aristotle especially, acknowledged that a relation between
sound and sense, gives music tremendous symbolic force. Music is able to
affect the way we feel things and perceive our lives. This significant
power to transform remains undiminished, and brings with it a need for
responsibility around the intentions and actions involved in music
creation, and listening...."

Extract from:
Donkey Bridges: On Creative and Technical Process Behind "Eselsbrücke" by
Cristian Vogel
For the entire text and illustrations visit:

The sound installation at Liebig12 and the further concert in ausland two
days after the opening
is the premiere performance of Cristian Vogel´s forthcoming album,
"Eselsbrücke", pure computer music composition
(released by the label Sub Rosa, Brussel).

The installation offers an intimate and contemplative view on Cristian´s
studio setting for the composition of "Eselsbrücke" and will naturally lead
the audience to join the concert on the 26th of June in ausland.

The exhibition at Liebig12 will include artworks from artist Jana Linke who
partecipated the realization of "Eselsbrücke" concerning the image of the

Cristian Vogel is a composer, music producer and artist specialising in
experimental electronic music, club culture and sound art.

About Cristian Vogel

About Jana´s work:

******************************************************    **


As artist in residence at Liebig12 where she will present a screening /
Talk and a performance piece


Jenny Gräf is a Baltimore based artist who works with the social dimension
of art and the consequences of performance. *
*She is using art to explore perceptual states and social pretexts.
She has engaged people in the production of a restaurant in the basement of
her home, she has designed projects for a group of women with Alzheimer’s
in which the guitar serves as voice, and she started the Stone Carving
Oraclestra, which explores Experimental Archeology and the use of phonemes
to channel “readings” for members of the audience.

**Her sound work includes solo work and long term collaborations with MV
Carbon (in Metalux) and other such as John Wiese, James Twig Harper, Marcia
Bassett, Chiara Giovando and Susan Alcorn.
*She has been commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago to
create an a sound installation in the Fern Room at the Chicago Lincoln Park
Conservatory where her piece "Osmosymbiotic Echo" was composed based on
native bird song and wing beat pattern (sounds tipically inaudible to
humans that in the ultrasonic range affect plants, insects and other birds
in a variaty of ways).*
*She has also worked on several films such as I Remember Better When I
Paint a film that explores the cognitive impact of creativity on those with
With Chiara Giovando (artist in residence at Liebig12 in 2011), she wrote,
directed and created a sound score for Proud Flesh, an experimental Western
shot in the Badlands.

*Gräf’s work has been performed and exhibited at PS 1 in New York, The
Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Maryland Film Festival, Mukha Museum
in Antwerp, MOFFOM Festival In Prague, Ladies Fest in Copenhagen, and the
Director’s Lounge in Berlin.

**************************************************    *

After the succesful experience of the last workshop at Liebig12, James
Fader Cui proposes a new workshop focusing on:

Design in Code (two days Processing workshop)
DIY Fun with Arduino (two days Arduino workshop)

Fader is a visual artist who works with multimedia in a variety of
disciplines. From video mapping, generative animation, music videos, stage
design to art installations, his work has been shown to broad audiences
around the world. He has exhibited at numerous festivals such as Coachella
(Indio), Burningman (Black Rock City), Insomniac Events (Los Angeles) and
the Mapping Festival (Geneva). He received a degree in Animation from the
Art Center in Pasadena California and went on to teach himself how to write
programing code for his audio/video performances. He founded the Neuromixer
VJ software company in 2004 which features video software and innovative
prototypes like faderTouch. He continues to exhibit internationally,
expanding his techniques and finding new applications.

**************************************************   **
*Liebigstrasse 12 - 10247 Berlin*
*U5 / M10 / M21 FrankfurterTor*
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