[resource-net] Call for Artists

Shani Leiderman shani at capsuling.me
Fri Jun 14 15:25:07 CEST 2013

Hi There Re-Source Community

I am looking for artists who would be interested in participating in an
exhibition I am organising in the frame of my mobile app project

More details:

Capsuling.Me is a mobile app in which artists and independent journalists
can place short videos as media 'Capsules' in specific locations in the
city.People will receive these videos through their Smartphones, when they
are at the relevant locations.

The idea is to reveal the hidden stories of a place give a new perspective
and enrich an experience of a person in a specific location.

 It as a kind of gallery one carries on his mobile phone that always adapts
to his current location.

We are organizing an exhibition of video and sound pieces located around
Berlin’s Görlitzer Park. These pieces will be virtually placed in specific
spots inside the park and brought to the audience through our location
based mobile app, using GPS technology.

The exhibition will open on July 27th 2013, and will stay there forever…

*If you are interested in participating in some way please write me to:*

*shani at capsuling.me*

wish you a good day,


*Shani Leiderman*
*shani at capsuling.me*
*0049 **1573-1907076*
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