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*JUNE 12 & 13.06 - 6pm / 11pm*


Performance/screening interacting with *EMO-Synth* by *Valery Vermeulen*hosting:

*Judith Hummel *(dance) *Klaus Janek *(processed and acoustic double
bass) *Claudio
Rocchetti* (electronics)

Montage Cinema Revived by the EMO-Synth is the final performance in a
series realized by the collective Office Tamuraj and the curator Astrid
David. A renewing interactive multimedia system, the *EMO-Synth* (Produced
& Founded by new media artist *Valery Vermeulen*), plays a central role as
well as the emotional man-machine, based on artificial intelligence,
affective computing, psychophysiology, algorithmic music composition +
sound and image generation.
During performances and demonstrations the system automatically generates
and manipulates sounds and images to direct the user in certain predefined
emotional states.
Emotional reactions are hereby measured and processed by the means of
biosensors that register various psychofysiological parameters such as
heart rate (ECG) and stress level (GSR, galvanic skin response).
For the realisation of Montage Cinema Revived by the EMO-Synth, the
EMO-Synth is integrated into a cinematographic setting.

During the performances at Liebig12, the EMO-Synth will automatically
generate ideal personalized soundtracks with maximal emotional impact  that
accompany re-edited versions of dedicated experimental video/film material.
For the automatic music generation, synthesized as well as live music
sounds are used and in this case a full set has been prepared by musicians
*CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI* & *KLAUS JANEK* with a performative dance intervention

The performances of Montage Cinema Revived by the EMO-Synth rely on the
most recent prototype – Prototype 05.2 – of the EMO-Synth.
This prototype was realized during a residency and exhibition called
Tangible Feelings at the Center for Digital Cultures and Technologies
(iMAL, www.imal.org) in september 2011.


*JUNE 24TH - 7pm* */ 11pm*



Cristian Vogel is an electronic music composer. Vogel first began working
with electronic compositions in the late 1980s with the Cabbage Head
Collective (working with Si Begg, among others).
He attended the University of Sussex, under the tutorship of Martin Butler
(composer) and Jonathan Harvey (composer) and graduated with a degree in
20th Century music, suffusing his techno compositions with influences from
musique concrète and other avant-garde styles.

In the early 1990s, Vogel issued two EPs on Dave Clarke's Magnetic North
Records label, the first of which was the underground success,Infra.

After further solo EPs and collaborations with emerging UK techno artists
such as Neil Landstrumm and Dave Tarrida, Vogel released his debut
full-length, Beginning to Understand, in 1994 on Mille Plateaux, and
subsequently became the first UK techno artist to be signed to Berlin's
Tresor Records. He also started the vinyl only label Mosquito with Si Begg,
on which he released both his own music and other artists', and is
considered to be one of the main founders of the No-Future collective that
was active in Brighton during the mid-nineties.

Alongside Jamie Lidell, he formed the group Super Collider, who released
two albums, before Jamie Lidell saw fame with his Warp Records album
Cristian Vogel also sings and plays guitar in his band project Night of the
Brain, whilst continuing to maintain a presence on the underground techno

>From 2003 to 2010, he worked with the Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin,
composing electronic music scores for 6 of his contemporary dance pieces.

Over a 20 year career, Vogel has been sought after as a remixer and album
producer, having worked with artists such as Radiohead, Maxïmo Park, Chicks
on Speed, and Thom Yorke.



Here is a link to the forthcoming publication of a short paper on the
technical and creative process behind “ESELSBRÜCKE” released on SubRosa.
The paper will be published in issue #18 of Fylkingen’s Net Journal.

Liebigstrasse 12 - 10247 Berlin
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