[resource-net] Back to Berlin and some reSource updates

Tatiana Bazzichelli tbazz at transmediale.de
Tue Jun 4 18:53:56 CEST 2013

Dear all,

I am back from my curatorial research travel in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro 
and Sao Paulo), after three weeks of interesting meetings and 
discoveries. It was a great experience, I would like to share it with 
you more in depth soon.
The travel was also the reason of my absence at the last reSource 
network meeting, I hope it went well and it was as usual a lively 
occasion of networking. I look forward to the report, when you will have 
time to send it :)

In April we announced we wanted to propose a reSource network meeting 
about the Vorspiel preparation & concept in June, but due to my travel 
and the imminent transmediale team holidays (and current programme 
development), we are thinking to arrange it in August. Probably Daniela 
already said this during the last network meeting. More info will follow 
about contents, date and place (the idea was to have it at c-base, but 
we still need to confirm details with the "c-base crew").

Since the new call of transmediale will be out soon, it will be also a 
good occasion to share some thoughts. At the same time, I would like to 
announce that the next reSource event at Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien 
will be on September 12-13-14 (a bit later than last year), where we 
will conceptually launch the new festival theme and will have talks and 
other related events (more will follow also about this).

I would also like to send you some links coming from the reSource blog.
I read that Pod announced the demonstration and event in support of 
Bradley Manning on June 1st on Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Our video of 
the last reSource 005: The Medium of Treason debate with Birgitta 
Jónsdóttir, Andy Müller Maguhn, John Goetz, and Diani Barreto (held on 
May 5, 2013, at Urban Spree Gallery) is online at:

There you can enter in depth of what we spoke about, and also understand 
the general context of the Bradley Manning case (and hear about the 
current role of media and journalism related to hacktivism and freedom 
of speech).

Recently, we also finally uploaded our Peer Reviewed Newspaper on the 
theme of the past transmediale "BWPWAP". You can read the Editorial and 
download the full version from:

I take also the occasion to invite all of you to a talk which will 
happen on Saturday at 4pm. I will be in a panel at the TU entitled 
"Rollenspiele – Feminismus im Zeitalter des digitalen Postgender", as 
part of the Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften.
Here are more info. Hope to see some of you!

All the best and see you soon,


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