[resource-net] Working group: Internet Platform meeting Tuesday 15 Jan. at 6PM

podinski pod at xlterrestrials.org
Tue Jan 15 14:21:53 CET 2013

Hi Chris et al,

Things are super busy, but i'm going to try and be there... may need to
leave a bit early though.

here's a few quick initial notes i made, after the last supermarket

AND Thx Tatiana for that post many days ago , for your analytic
perspective and attempts to clarify and sum up, we missed you at that last
meeting !
... haven't had time to think about and comment more on that, but look
forward to the upcoming meeting at LEAP to discuss more...

see ya !


> >

Notes on web platform:

- naming that might take a little time, but no reason not to have a
functioning prototype ... we can always re-visit.... personally do think
names are very important, words have a lot of power to push a concept and
intentions forwrd. ( and well, clever brands tend to have longer livespans

- in san francisco, the old indymedia - indybay.org website has a
fantastic calendar page where people are empowered enter in their own
events ( it requires almost no moderation, though i'm not sure how
blocking or editing process is done, when necessary )
: http://www.indybay.org/calendar/?page_id=12
this is a decade old design, sure it could be made to look better.

- also something like the online ( + monthly print booklet ) Stressfaktor
is a very practical communications medium for activism in berlin, perhaps
it's useful to look at for ideas : http://stressfaktor.squat.net/

> There will be a meeting of the working group planning an internet platform
> for spaces, curators and projects in Berlin dealing with Technology-based
> Arts/ New Media.
> The meeting place will bePanke E. V at 6PM on Tuesday 15 January
> Gerichtstr. 23  3.Hof (http://www.pankeculture.com/how-to-find-us/)
> Anyone interested is welcome to attend.
> If you haven't been to any of the previous monthly reSource meetings
> (especially the November meeting at Liebig 12 or December meeting at
> Supermarkt) it is recommended that you read the minutes from those
> meetings (see previous mailings) or contact me.
> Best wishes,
> Chris
> Christian de Lutz
> Prinzenallee 34
> 13359 Berlin
> office/ post address:
> Nostitzstrasse 12
> 10961 Berlin
> www.artlaboratory-berlin.org--
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