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*Girls on Tape (GoT) /// site specific performance***> 8pm!*

*‘12 Liebiglieder, oder wie erkläre Ich es meinem Nachbarn’

*In a society undefined by marginalised organisations such as the Liebig12
projectspace, a neighbour is a presence in both an archetypical as in a
social way. In a troubled neighbourhood as Berlin’s Friedrichshain
socio-historical processes meet and clash.*

*The neighbour presented by Thatcheran neo-liberalist thought was a figure
that would create a society of helpful citizens. The political world could
no longer take care of every aspect of communal life.*

*During Friedrichshain’s DDR times, the neighbour was a possible
collaborator of the STASI, who kept a close eye on every move that wore
traces of insubordinate behaviour. The political world was supposed to take
care of every aspect of communal life.*

*In a neighbourhood where inhabitants come and go and speak foreign
languages and where most of the newly arrived don’t know Berliner Weisse or
the name of the coach of Hertha BSC, a classic neighbour, the one on whose
door you could knock if you had gone out of sugar, is a species on its way
to extinction.*

*The neighbour mainly exists on an ear to ear level. He is the source of
sounds leaking through walls and ceilings. Drills, vacuum cleaners or
washing machines at night produce sounds that define commodities. The
neighbour takes care of and feels at home in this commoditised world*

*GoT, a white cube gallery art noise duo, will pick up the theme of “The
Neighbour.” Jeff Surak and Rinus van Alebeek, the members of GoT will use
elements of chanson, sound art, whisper culture, plunderphonics, archaic
ceremonies, voodoo, traditional avant-garde music, soviet realism, musique
concrete, the laws of Lee Strassberg, geo-dating and journalism to
investigate the relation between performance art and neighbours.*

*‘12 Liebiglieder, oder wie erkläre Ich es meinem Nachbarn’ is an attempt
to come to peace with the neighbour that lives in every one of us.*

*The audience is advised to bring warm memories of their own neighbours, be
they from the past, from their home town or today’s, and, if possible, to
take some home-made apple pie too.*


*Design in Code Workshop:*

* *Design in Code is an introduction to Processing. *
*It is a one day workshop designed for graphic designers and motion graphic
artists who are interested in creating images through programming code. *
*Processing is an open source programming language for people who want to
create images, animations, and interactions. *
*In this workshop students will learn the basics of programming in JAVA and
start designing through computer logic.*
*Have a look on some works by Vj Fader here:*
*www.vjfader.com/works_category/generative/ *

*No previous programming experience is necessary. *

*Due to the limited availability (maximum of 18 students), pre-registration
is recommended. *
*Please register and pay in advance via PayPal to reserve your spot: *
*www.vjfader.com/design-in-code-workshop-liebig12/ *

*For any questions regarding this workshop please send an email to:
vjfader at gmail.com*

*Date: Saturday Jan. 19th 2013*
*Time: 10am – 6pm (30 minute lunch break)*

*Price: 40 Euro *
*Cancellation and refund: 50% refund will be given if canceling 3 days
before the day of the workshop.*

*Location: Liebig12 *
*Address: liebigstrasse 12 // 10247 // berlin*

*– Bring a laptop (PC/Mac)*
*– Install Processing software on your laptop,visit the download page here:

*- Openprocessing.org a collection of top favorite sketches.*
*- Processing.org an online exhibition of works **created using Processing.*

*About the Tutor::: VJFADER::::*

*James Cui (Fader) is a visual artist who works with multimedia in a
variety of disciplines. *
*From video mapping, generative animation, music videos, stage design to
art installations, his work has been shown to broad audiences around the
world. *
*He has exhibited at numerous festivals such as Coachella (Indio),
Burningman (Black Rock City), Insomniac Events (Los Angeles) and the
Mapping Festival (Geneva). *
*He received a degree in Animation from the Art Center in Pasadena
California and went on to teach himself how to write programing code for
his audio/video performances. *
*He founded the Neuromixer VJ software company in 2004 which features video
software and innovative prototypes like faderTouch….more under: vjfader.com/

*JANUARY 25 / 26 / 27* *” SPACE US THE PLACE “ *

*A 3 days event part of the reSource 003: P2P Vorspiel presented by
transmediale 2013 & curated by Liebig12*

*More under: transmediale.de
*from 6pm

*“AUF DEM SCHLA-FLOß” – Episode II*
*street / public art intervention for Liebigstrasse 12 by Holger Bleck &
Allegra solitude*

*performance by Pietro La Hara*

*‘Ego’s Widow’ is a live sculpture performance piece, representing of the
inner state, by the split between true self and false self: the higher and
the lower. It celebrates the end of an era, not only on a personal level,
but also from a global view. It’s the triumph of feminine energy over thy
male dominating structures of belief systems and politics. It’s the advent
of the Venus’s era, as a symbol of inner-deeper beauty, rather than
physical and material. It celebrates the death of the attachments with the
core values by which the western world has established its power, the
exasperation of acquiring trough the accumulation of capital, the fetishism
of technologies >> **more under*: *lahara.portfoliobox.net

*MEDITATIONALSCAPES – performances until 11pm – by*

*SIMON OLIVIER  “SINWAVE” (electric guitar – roland keyboard – analogue and
digital effects) – solo*

*NICO LIPPOLIS (drums and percussions) & GIOVANNI VERGA ( different effects
/ sound colours + electronics & keyboard) – duo*
*Composers talk / performance from 7pm*


*“Some of my recent music is derived from a mashup of algorithmic,
philosophical and formalist thinking about composition.  I hope to share my
enthusiasm for thinking about more abstract compositional theory, and how
this can be motivating for the challenge of inventing modern music.”*

*Cristian Vogel has been a long-term innovator in the composition, mixing
and performance of electronic sounds. Over a 20 year career at the vanguard
of European electronic music, his work has been highly acclaimed for its
quality, vision and attention to detail. He has been acknowledged for
blueprinting the “minimal” and “wonky” techno music styles back in the
mid-nineties, as well as outstanding work in the field of avant-garde
composition for contemporary dance, film and sound art. *

*more under*: *no-future.com/vogel_microsite/<http://liebig12.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/upcoming-2/no-future.com/vogel_microsite/>
*exhibition opening from 6pm*

*a site specific audiovisual installation by Pierce Warnecke *

*curated with Manuela Benetton*

*(presented also as the final project of Pierce´s Meisterschüler studies at
Universität der Kunst, Berlin)*

*“In order to better understand us, a machine of non-human origin appears
in our reality.*
*Its function seems to be to study the peculiarities of its new
surroundings, done by scanning objects and elaborating an audiovisual
analysis of them. From it’s imaginary objective viewpoint, the machine
explores generative and degenerative processes based on observed patterns
it detects in our world, which we interpret as audio and video streams.*
*The piece is also, in a sense, a homage to the science fiction genre in
its entirety, whether it be the intellectual, esteemed and innovative side
(Ryoji Ikeda,Andrei Tarkovsky) or the more popular, clichéd or even ironic
side (John Carpenter, Philip K. Dick)”*

*more under*



Liebigstrasse 12  - 10247 - Berlin

U5 / M10 / M21 - Frankfurtertor


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