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Dear all,

sorry for sending Michelle's message again, but I just added to the list 
the participants of the last network meeting. I want to be sure that 
everyone will be able to check the doodle and read the proposal of the 
event at Supermarkt. I apologize with the ones receiving this message twice.

All the best!

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Subject: 	[resource-net] March 2013 reSource event: Open Presentation
Date: 	Wed, 20 Feb 2013 16:45:40 +0100
From: 	Michelle O'Brien <michelle at supermarkt-berlin.net>
To: 	resource-net at transmediale.de

Dear reSource community,

It was great to see so many of you at last night's meeting.

To give this email some context for the people who were not present last

At the past two reSource meetings discussions have arisen about trying
new meeting formats to allows for deeper insight into the different
reSource network members and organisations. Therefore we had the idea
last night of creating an event where people have the chance to present
their current or future projects, the aim being to get a better idea of
what events/projects/themes different members are working on, creating a
common ground and stronger ties within the network, fostering future
collaborations and tapping into communal resources.

SUPERMARKT is therefore happy to host a test-event in March using a new
'open presentation' format. Here are some tentative dates for the event:
Wednesday 13 March, 18:30
Friday 15 March, 18:30
Monday 18 March, 18:30
Tuesday 19 March, 18:30
I have set up a Doodle for you to give preferences on the best date:
http://www.doodle.com/cscgswsdehvvgkqd. Please note this poll will close
in 2 days on Friday at 16:00, as the rest of SUPERMARKT's March
programme is pending on this date.

The reSource Open Presentation Evening at SUPERMARKT will be divided
into a two parts:
1) Session of up to 10 x short presentations (5 minutes each, with or
without multimedia)
2) Drinks and conversation at the SUPERMARKT bar

We would also now like to open the call for 5 min presentations for the
evening. Please send your presentation proposal through this reSource
mailing list. We will limit the number of presentations to 10, on a
'first come, first served' basis, and once we have reached the max
number of proposals we will close the call. SUPERMARKT is happy to
facilitate and moderate the evening - we will create a running order and
circulate the list of information on presenters/presentations prior to
the event. Please note no one will be left out: if we receive
considerably more than 10 presentation proposals then they will be
scheduled into a future event.

If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Best wishes,

Michelle, Ela and the SUPERMARKT team


*Michelle O'Brien*
Creative Producer

Brunnenstr 64
13355 Berlin, Germany

Office: SUPERMARKT Studios
Brunnenstr 69, Studio 2
13355 Berlin, Germany

+49 1577 656 7378
michelle at supermarkt-berlin.net

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