[resource-net] 6th Resource Roundtable Meeting?

Georgia Nicolau gn at transmediale.de
Mon Feb 11 16:23:08 CET 2013

We already have two persons at doodle, lets wait for more and we can 
decide until Wednesday maybe the best date for all!?

All best,

Am 11.02.2013 14:43, schrieb Tatiana Bazzichelli:
> Dear all,
> I think that this Wed will be too early...we still need to re-start 
> our brains after the transmediale festival, and we should allow the 
> rest of the network to organize itself to be able to come. We should 
> think about a collective agenda, announce it on the reSource 
> blog...there are small things to do before it and it would be better 
> not to rush...
> The idea of Feb 19 sounds nice, I would go for that!
> Shall we do it at 18.30?
> All the best!
> Tatiana
> On 11/02/2013 13:43, Goksu Kunak wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I know it would be a last minute thing but how about doing it this
>> Wednesday, 13th of February? If we postpone it to next week, then the
>> probable workshop would be later than expected also. Therefore, having a
>> meeting asap would be better maybe.
>> Please let us know what do you think. If this Wednesday is too early of
>> course we would like to host it next week in one of the possible dates;
>> maybe Feb 19.
>> best,
>> G

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