[resource-net] Thx TM + P2P peeps !! ... and a possible Citizen Kino Jodo night anyone ??

podinski pod at xlterrestrials.org
Tue Feb 5 03:05:05 CET 2013

Hi TM crew and all the Resourcers,

Congratulations on the festival !!!

XLterrestrials were busy processing it all week and 2day's blog bits
started with:

While the XLt dives exuberantly into deconstruction, auseinandersetzung,
rants and outrage, expanded creative + tactical response – cause we care –
We truly thank the dedicated curatorial team and crew and all the
participants of this year’s Transmediale 2013 - BWPWAP !  There were many
brilliant moments !


And same to all the P2P Vorspielers !  Really honored to be a part of it !
And looking fwd to feedback on all that at the next meeting !


On another note, was personally very saddened that the Jodorowsky
interview fell thru... but i think it somehow communicates alot about
Psychomagicians just not fitting into the ol' audio/video pipes so well ;

Perhaps it's something that has to transpire in a physical + present

We are considering making a special CiTiZEN KiNO tribute night event to
Jodo this month,  as he will turn 84 on Feb 17th...

We are currently discussing with Director's Lounge ( at Naherholung
Sternchen from feb 7-17 ), but if that doesn't work, would like to ask any
of you organizing spaces if you are interested to host it...

Also collaborators and a co-producer welcome...

This doesn't have to happen on feb 17th, but we would really like to do it
in February.


liebegreetz !


arts + praxis organisms

p.s. And hope we aren't too rough with our BWPWAP critiques, but we really
feel the need to agitate for change right now. Woke up from a beautiful
week at HKW, meeting old and new friends, and was reminded very abruptly
monday morning that some serious shit is going down in so many different
situations right now.

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