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 Afterparty at Panke 2nite
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YES, we hope you all can manage and join us, bis gleich anyway!

Erika Siekstelyte

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Afterparty at Panke 2nite
Dear re:sourcers,

Looking forward to the Vorspiel meeting!!!

+ + Plus + +

Our own monthly program/performances of CiTiZEN KiNO at Panke has been
running on the last thursdays of the month for several months now, so we
decided not to try and reschedule that for a number of reasons...  One of
which is the scheduled participation of some Croatian + Slovenian
colleagues from MMkamp, Gentle Junk and Udruga UKE.

Though maybe we can make the best of the situation, and invite you all to
join us after the meeting + gathering at C-Base...

We will perform CiTiZEN KiNO #28-v.4 : Geodesic Space-Time-Body
in 2 parts tonight.

The first will begin at 21:00h. Then we'll have a long intermission + dj
interludes and continue part 2 at 23:00h... which may give more of you a
chance to join us for part of the show, if you're able...


And then the XLterrestrials celebrate the return from our projects down
south with a BALKANISTAS afterparty...

w/ very special guest dj ZELJKO ( Kafana Balkan from San Francisco) and
me- Podinski w/ lots freshly harvested roma + fanfare musica from the

Til late!

Will Be Great if ya like to come shake the tail end of summer w/ us !!!


Paolo P.

p.s. Location:

Panke is at Gerichtstr. 23 , Wedding



More about the event here:





- CiTiZEN KiNO #28 v.4 : Geodesic Space-Time-Body -

The radical and pioneering design revolutions of Buckminster Fuller ( 1895
-1983 ) and his =C2=93Bucky Domes=C2=94 are making a BIG comeback =C2=96 fr=
om the art
festival camps at Burning Man in the Nevada desert to tsumani refugee
housing in Japan to MMkamp in Mursko Sredisca. These brilliant geometrical
shapes inspired by the organic intelligence of the natural world are
structures which remind us that we can put the pre-packaged + artificial
futures back in their dismal corporate box, and reboot the fully
inhabitable Space-Time-Bodies !

"Radical GARDEN-i-FICATION is where it's at !" XLt analyst

arts + praxis organisms

twitter: @podinski

> Reminder: reSource-net Vorspiel-Meeting
> reSource-net Vorspiel-Meeting: August 29,  2013 - 14.00-18.00
> at c-base (Rungestra=C3=9Fe 20, 10179 Berlin, S/U Jannowitzbr=C3=BCcke)
> *** if you want to take part in this meeting, please let us know and
> reply to resource at transmediale.de ***

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